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VoIP calls from Free VoIP Deal

It’s not easy to save money while calling. But, Free VoIP Deal can save your money. You can get 240 minutes of FREE calling just only for 10 Euros a month to the following destinations:
  • Pakistan Mobile
  • Egypt Mobile
  • Egypt Fix
  • Montenegro Fix
  • Serbia Fix
  • Iran Fix
  • Sri Lanka Fix
  • Ukraine Fix

You can use more minutes by adding extra balance or can stop using this service at any time, whenever you want and there is no hidden cost for this excellent service.

Free VoIP Deal offers A – Z destination calling at lowest and cheap Rates. Buy credit any time you want and make calls all over the world.


Download the software and start using it.
Get the latest version from HERE. It’s absolutely FREE to download. During making calls if you face any kind of problem just make sure that you are using the latest version of FreeVoIPDeal Software. And before start installation check the minimum requirements of your System.

Just simply click on the Download link and save the installation file your computer. If you want to download mobile version go to the mobile download link.

After downloading the file double click on it. The installation process will began. Complete the installation and run the installed file.

Before making your first call you need to get registered with FreeVoIPDeal. Choose your username and password. You can choose any username but the length of the username must be at least 6 characters. If your desired username is already taken by others just choose a different username.

To make a call to other FreeVoIPDeal user enter the name of the user you want to make call in the provided textbox. You can see your friends’ online status.

To make a direct call to other Land phone or mobile phone, enter your desired number in the text box and press the ‘CALL’ button. During making direct phone call enter 00 + country code + area code + number.

You can make free phone calls to the destination where Free VoIP Deal offer free calling. For rest of the destination you will be asked to buy credits.

It’s much easier to make calls using Free VoIP Deal. To get the highest voice quality you can do the following:
  • Always use a headset with a built in microphone, the sound quality will dramatically improves.
  • Be sure at the other end (for PC to PC calling) your friend are using also a headset.
  • If you want to use a microphone instead of Headset, try moving the microphone further from closer from your mouth.
  • Most laptops use a low quality microphone, so try to use an external microphone.
  • Sound quality always depends on the sound card of your PC. So check it out, update the driver if necessary.

Free VoIP Deal has some other interesting features that user will really enjoy. So download the software today. Make FREE calls to other Free VoIP Deal user. And make international phone calls at a cheap rate. Read More...

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Download Smart VoIP for free and make phone call at a Low Rate

Be smart, use Smart VoIP. Due to its cheap call rate, easy to use features and good voice quality, SmartVoIP is going to be popular day by day. Download Smart VoIP today for FREE, buy credit and start making phone calls from computer or mobile to your friends and family in an attractive and lowest rate. Click HERE to check the rates for A to Z destination.

You can download Smart VoIP to your computer or Mobile handset. Just click the link below to start download now:


Mobile version DOWNLOAD

After downloading Smart VoIP double click on the installer file and follow the instructions to complete the installation process.

Some features of Smart VoIP: 

LowCaller download: 
You can make phone calls directly from you mobile phone while continuing to use the credit on your regular SmartVoip account. Just download the Low Caller application to your mobile phone and make phone calls to your destination number. 
For more details about LowCaller go to LowCaller Download Website

Make regular calls using your Credit:
Smart VoIP users can make cheap mobile phone calls via access number by making a good use of free days and credits. The process is easy:

  • After downloading and installing SmartVoIP run the application from your mobile or computer.
  • Add your home and mobile or Landphone number in personal details
  • Select the country you wish to make phone call
  • Call the provided access number, hear the instruction and dial your international destination number. Click HERE for more info.

Send text messages (SMS) using SmartVoip:
Smart VoIP offers sending SMS to various destinations in a cheap rate. Check the LOW SMS Rates. For more help about help sending text messages (SMS), click here.

Phone to Phone feature: 
Make phone calls with your mobile through Phone-to-Phone features of SmartVoIP. This is one of the exiting features which enable you to take your Smart VoIP call or your Land phone or Mobile phone. The process is:
  • Open SmartVoIP, enter your own mobile number or land phone number in the “Your Phone Number” text field.
  • Now enter the number you want to make call in the “Destination Phone Number” field and press the “CALL” button.
You can decide whether you want to make regular call or phone-to-phone calls, just the phone-to-phone button.

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Easy download FastVoIP and start making calls today

In order to make VoIP phone calls and free voice calls using FastVoIP you need to first install it in your computer. You can download the software by clicking

Install FastVoIP:
After downloading the file in your computer, double click the installation program (setup-latestversion.exe). Click run and follow the simple instruction to complete the installation process. Its very easy to install FastVoIP and it does not take more than a minute.

FastVoIP accoount:
After successfull installation of FastVoIP software in your PC, open the program. At first it will ask you to create a new account. If you already have an account you can directly login form the screen. During creating an account enter your name, password, email and other necessary information click on Create Account. An email will be send to your inbox, open it and activate your account just clicking the provided link.

Login and start making calls:
After creating a successful account, use enter your user-name and password and click login.
If you want to call other FastVoIP user just enter their username in the text field and click on the green button to initiate the call.

If you want to make call to an international landlines and Mobile number just enter the number (start with + sign) in the provided text field and press the green call button. Your call will be forwarded with a second.

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Free and Cheap Phone Calls using FastVoIP

If you want to save money and make free phone calls over the internet than you can try FastVoIP. Fron FastVoIP you can:

  • Make free international calls to your friends and family

  • Send SMS to your friends and family for almost free.

  • Make VoIP phone calls to A to Z destination at very low rate.

FastVoIP is cheaper than Skype and some other VoIP services. Its a free service to download, all you need is just a PC, broadband internet connection, speaker and microphone.

Download today and start making free calls to other FastVoIP users, send SMS and make call to landlines and mobiles around the world at a flat rate.

Make free calls via internet:
Like some other calling services you can easily make free calls to your friends and family. Download FastVoIP and start making calls today to other FastVoIP users who are online.

Make direct phone calls to Landlines and Mobile number:
Simply enter your destination number in the input field of the dialer. Enter (+) sign first, than enter the international country code you wish to make call, than enter the area code and land phone number or mobile number and press call button.

Call cost:
When you make call to other FastVoIP user, its absolutely free. But if you want to make phone calls to any international landlines or Mobile number than you must pay for it. But comparatively with other services like Skype the rate is low. To see the details rate plan click HERE. There is no connection fee so you can get a cheap international call rate.

Sending SMS:
Its very easy to send SMS through FastVoIP. Go to the SMS tab, enter your destination mobile number (start with + sign), Write your message and press the SEND button... that's it. You can send maximum 3 SMS (459 characters) at the same time. During writing message you can see how many characters you have enter and how many left.

SMS Cost:
SMS cost is also comparatively cheaper than other services. Its depends on your destination. To see the rate for various destination click HERE.

To know more details see the FAQ section of FastVoIP

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Stay connected to the whole world using fring add-ons

Maximize the power of your mobile handset while communicating with friends and family, listening to music, chatting (text or voice) via MSN, Google Talk, Yahoo, ICQ, FaceBook, Twitter or other social sites. Fring add-ons are cool web applications that will help you to utilize the maximum use of your handset with internet connection.

  • No download needed like other mobile applications. 
  • These add-ons are selected from a continually growing catalogue that updated automatically each time you logged in using you fring user-name and password.
  • Some fring add-on requires accounts to be setup outside of fring first.

You can register add-ons in two ways from your handset:
  1. Check the add-ons tab on your fring screen opens after logged in.
  2. Go to Options and click Add-ons.

Stay connected to you MSN contacts always. It does not matter whether you are not in your PC. You can write messages, voice chat or share files with your MSN contacts directly from fring.

You can add your yahoo contacts to your fring contact list. See who is online or offline, share, chat and talk to them using fring.

You can add your GTalk contacts directly to your fring contact list, see your friends are online or not. Chat, talk, send messages and share files with them.

ICQ user can also add their contacts to fring contact list. Talk, send instant messages to your ICQ contacts from fring.


You can talk with your GSM contacts at a reduced rate by choosing your preferred SIP provide. To see list of some recommended SIP providers by fring, click here.

Add your AIM contacts to your fring contact list, see who is online or offline. Chat, talk and send messages with them.

If you have got an iPhone, than you can view your friends updates on facebook using stream features of your iPhone. You can also make comments, post on your wall from fring.

Update your micro blog, post your own twit and get updates about other twits you follow directly from fring.

You can access all hotspots around you for free. Get a reasonable mobile internet experience in you local area or while you travel (roaming) abroad. You can locate WiFi hotspot place automatically using the GPS (Global Positioning System) function of your handset.

Read more about fring.

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fring, a revolutionary mobile communication service through which user can communicate with others. fring user can make free Video calls, voice calls, Live chat to their friends with MSN, Yhaoo, Goolge talk and others, all via their mobile phone's internet connection (over IP).

This service can be run on any smart phones like iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and others. It supports Symbian S60, iPhone/ iPod touch, Android, Windows Mobile, MeeGo, Linux, J2ME and proprietary OS handsets and this service works in any mobile operators including mobile internet services like 3G, Wi-Fi, GPRS, EDGE, 4G etc.

fring service is going to be more popular day by day due to its features like video calls, voice calls, live chat etc. It has grows aggressively with ten of millions of users in more than 200 countries around the world.

fFring is a free mobile application and its have lots of other features: To see all the feature, click here.

Download fring today, its absolutely free.


fring users are increasing rapidly, due to some of its outstanding features which include:
  • You can stay connected to your friends on fring, Facebook, ICQ, Twitter, Yahoo, MSN Messenger, Google Talk and more on your mobile.
  • Call your friends anytime for free! Make free VoIP calls to other fring users, via Google Talk, via Messenger or with your own SIP providers. You can send and receive instant messages and chat live. fring also provide you to make free video calls and voice calls.
  • Your handset can be a dynamic phonebook, all time connected contact list which will your friend’s status of being onlne or offline.
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  • fring has a standard and low rate to save money by placing local and international VoIP phone calls. Enjoy a great experience of chat rather than SMS.

fring provides an open API, providing 3rd party developers with the building blocks to create mobile web applications and influence fring community and hardware capabilities.

You can communicate through mobile for free with all your online friends using fring. You can use fring in your PC and mobile. All you need is a standard handset and internet connection for mobile / PC.

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Make VoIP phone calls using GizmoCall

Like Google Voice, Skype, Yahoo etc you can make free VoIP phone calls using GizmoCall from your computer. To start free calling today using GizmoCall is simple and easy because:

  • You don’t need to install any kind of software or dialer
  • 100 % free calling to 1 to 800 numbers and SIP devices.
  • Lowest calling rate through worldwide in Landlines and Mobiles

What do I need to use GizmoCall:
An internet connected computer with standard browser that support Flash Player version 9 or higher.  A headset connected to computer for optimum call quality. To start with sample calls dial 1-800-555-8355 and speak a category or use the keypad to type the first 3 letters of a selection.


Free Calls:
You can make free Phone calls to other GizmoCall users, Gizmo5 users, 800 numbers, or SIP address for absolutely free of charge. Read this guide to see more details about free call list that you can make.  To make VoIP phone calls to other Cell phone and Land Phone numbers in a suitable and attractive low rates you can buy credit from GizmoCall. Click here to buy credit today.


Some other features of GizmoCall:
User can receive calls from other GizmoCall users. After login other user can make voice calls directly to you. As long as GizmoCall is open in any browser or window or in the background, user will be able to receive a call.

To check the Microphone attached to your computer Click the "Test" icon below the numeric keypad and simply follow the directions. Use the Speaker Sliders and Microphone to set the best settings.

You can configure a Caller ID displays your mobile, Home or Office numbers which will help others to identify your call. It will cost an extra charge of $4.

Following problems you can face during installing or using GizmoCall. For any kind of troubleshooting visit

  • The audio is not working properly when placing a call
  • The voice quality is faint or barely audible.
  • There is an echo during making a call.
Visit the troubleshooting page of to know more details about other errors and troubleshooting.


You can add the calling to your web page or blog by adding a simple embaded code.

There are lots of other free VoIP calling services on the internet. Find out your favorite one and start free VoIP calling today.

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VoIP Future in Bangladesh

By - Mohammed Jubaer Arif
University of Melbourne, Australia

I would like to start by thanking all of them who are supporting recent movement for VoIP in Bangladesh. We know we have to embrace all the new technologies, today or tomorrow. However, we always get there late. We were late with submarine cable now with VoIP.

VoIP, which stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, is a technology that allows voice conversations to be carried over the internet. Even though it is highlighted for voice communication, it is a protocol which serves various other technologies like video, fax etc. VoIP sends voice information in digital form, in discrete packets rather than by using the traditional circuit-committed protocols of the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), Bangladesh’s BTTB version. VoIP has become popular largely because of the cost advantages to consumers over traditional telephone networks. But how does it cost less?

VoIP uses internet as transport network and thus uses a packet-switched network. As oppose to VoIP, PSTN opted for circuit switched network. In traditional telephony once a circuit is established between caller and called party, it remains connected for the duration of the session. Whereas packet switching opens a brief connection to send small chunk of data from one node to another. Moreover, in circuit switched network, links between nodes that make a path cannot be used by other nodes in the network.

On the contrary, in a packet switched network the link that make a route from one node to another can be shared by other nodes. This scenario depicts, packet switching allows several calls to occupy the same amount of resources that is occupied by only one in a circuit switched network. As a result traditional telephony providers charge more than VoIP providers.

Bangladesh is on the drive towards VoIP. In Bangladesh, the government has been trying to encourage people to stick to its traditional telephone network. They have been cutting down the consumer’s bill by reducing the charges. However, we have seen the traditional telephone network will never be able to allow cheaper rate compared to VoIP network. Rather the government itself can go for VoIP businesses in different form. Moreover, recently it is found by the GSM Association (GSMA) that the Bangladesh government protects the BTTB’s monopoly over international phone call business. Thus foreign investors are least interested to inject fund in the country’s telecom sector.

Moreover, legalisation of VoIP can benefit a country in several ways. Significant cost saving in the government, private and home telephone bills would definitely make a mark in the economy. In the world of globalisation, unlimited long distance calls are desired to take the home businesses to the global market. VoIP is the cheapest solution to take your voice to the world business community.

It is to be noted that, a single telephone call is worth than few email exchange. Moreover, telephony is such a system that can be used not only by people from school/college/ university but also by huge illiterate portion of the society.

VoIP gives the ability to be mobile. Thus can be in contact anytime, anywhere with an internet connection. Different VoIP protocols are similar to other internet protocols. Thus it provides with a chance to intermingle different software solutions with the telephony system. One such great example is the way VoIP conferencing is done. Compare to PSTN conferences we can now simultaneously share voice, video and files in a conference. By using a single network for different purposes, it is possible to reduce overall operating costs and increase employee efficiency.

VoIP installation and maintenance can be based on software rather than hardware. Thus the system is more robust and easy to upgrade. Beside these, VoIP promises with lots of job creation all over the world, especially for the women. For example, call centres, which is enabled via VoIP.

Furthermore, new software solutions will integrate real time voice system more and more into their system. Thus VoIP infrastructure may help country like Bangladesh which is looking for a good share from the global software outsourcing.

It is apparent that VoIP is the reality of future telephony. The cost effective VoIP solution will continue to attract more people in the year to come. However, what is happening on the other side of the coin? Can the VoIP providers achieve same amount of revenue as PSTN providers? If we look closely we will realize that voice and data network is merging. There will be one network both for data and voice. Thus it is the same organisation who will be serving both the voice and data world. As a result their will be more users with such cost effective system. This increment in user number will help the providers achieving revenue target.

BTTB’s income in the year 2005-06 was 13,300 million Bangladeshi taka with only 1.07 million users. This revenue figure is the lowest compared to last few years. This drop is caused by excellent cellular network of Bangladesh and illegal VoIP businesses.

However, if BTTB had 22 million VoIP users they could earn much higher with monthly low fixed charge. 22 million is the current number of users in cellular world of Bangladesh. That clearly indicates there is a high demand for telephony in Bangladesh. With such rapid growth of users BTTB should not have any concern regarding their income target and return on investment in VoIP infrastructure.

All the developed nations are embracing VoIP and its growth is exponentially high. Vonage, one of the largest VoIP providers from USA has earned 261.939 million US dollar according to the 2005 calendar with total user of 2 million subscribers. However, VoIP provider such as Vonage earns not only from mere telephony but also from other sources of services that can be provided with VoIP with more ease. What are the other sources of income can be?

A VoIP provider can be an ISP. Thus the same organisation can expect revenue not only from VoIP telephony but also from other sources of ISP’s profits flow. While eyeing the uprising trend of product support and telemarketing, it is obvious that call center business is a good choice for the VoIP providers.

Beside these Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) a digital television service delivered over the internet is becoming one of the most glittering sources of income for the internet community thus to the VoIP providers. One of such recent boom is Joost from Skype.

With Vonage’s enhanced 411 dialing user can come to know about weather, horoscope and many others regularly appended services. Vonage charges 99cents per call. As VoIP protocols can be affable with all other existing internet protocols, VoIP provider can come out with more and more lucrative services from the internet to the telephony.

However, VoIP is not completely flawless. The quality of voice is not as good as traditional telephony. It is mainly because it is susceptible to all the hurdles of internet connection such as latency, jitter, packet loss etc. However, in last few years the quality has gone up and it is continuously getting better. Another drawback of VoIP for the developed countries is the failure of precise user tracking in case of emergency calling. Beside that VoIP is dependent on wall power. Traditional telephony runs on power provided from the central office. Thus developing countries may face problem with their frequent power outage.

Out of these I will pick up the electricity issue for Bangladesh. Electricity is a problem in Bangladesh. I believe this is the time to explore the feasibility of Nuclear Power. Nuclear power plants provide about 17 percent of the world’s electricity especially to the developed countries. With Nuclear Power first concern is that it involves high cost in setup. However, we heard about corruption in the power sector of Bangladesh with a huge a scale. I believe investing money in a costly nuclear plant will bring lots of good results instead draining that money through corruption.

Secondly, Bangladesh has signed in Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). Thus having nuclear power plant should not create a negative impact in the international arena. Finally the environmental issue, I admit, to some extent it is harmful. However, most people are afraid of the word Nuclear. Renewable energy could be a solution for low powered telephony.

We have connected ourselves to the information superhighway via submarine cable. Unfortunately we are in the superhighway with a rickshaw. I personally haven’t seen any real improvement after the connection. We have been hearing of 4 exchanges to be setup for VoIP in Bangladesh. However as I said we are in the superhighway with a rickshaw, I just don’t know when exactly it will be done and Bangladesh will be through with VoIP.

I hope people involved in this project taking care of the future compatibility, security and reliability issue of the exchanges. Last time a tender was awarded to a company with a huge some money. I wonder, why it would cost that high? If we need to invest money, I strongly believe we should invest for improving the internet architecture as a whole. VoIP infrastructure is hardly any different than internet itself.

Thus to the current caretaker government the request is please complete all the procedures for VoIP implementation before you hand over the power. Just read reports that they are thinking on it and the high court ruled out the stay order on granting VoIP license to internet service providers. We all should welcome it.

VoIP or cheap telephony is no more a desire, it is a demand now. We need to embrace more and more new technology in order to create job opportunities for our youth. Just think about the Cable TV business of our country. That gave some youth a chance to work with. Open the gate for our youth, they can bring down everything, anything. They are doing some excellent works all over the world. Still why should we carry the burden of being world no.1 corrupted country?

Let me end with a story. There was a big Bangladeshi community in a foreign land, as usual they were divided with their own interest groups. Fortunately there were not too many, they were divided in two groups. Having seen that someone took the initiative to merge the groups. They sat in a meeting to resolve the problem and when the meeting ended they came out in three groups. That is what we always do.

However, even in this recent political crisis we have seen a sense of unity among all of our political groups, when Dr. Yunus was criticising them regarding corruption. May Allah give us the strength to become united on a good cause, such as VoIP.

Once again I request the caretaker government to let us have VoIP to the earliest. I would also like to ask all our political groups to include VoIP and its future possible innovation in their election manifesto. Mere implementation won’t help much. We have to take VoIP to each of those small business houses all over Bangladesh so that they can take their voices to the world business community.

Finally my personal view to the future of telephony is, our future generation will laugh at us, while they will come to know that we charge people to talk over the phone! If you do not believe me, please explore the fate of telegraph system.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A little about VoIP in Bangladesh

The Bangladesh Government has planned to issue more than 3,500 new VoIP licenses to the local Bangladeshi entrepreneurs to handle international calls from and to Bangladesh through VoIP Technology (Voice over Internet Protocol). Handling of international calls for local entrepreneurs is illegal under the existing Law of Bangladesh Govt.

The NEWS of new VoIP license has become old but the process has not started yet.

Telecom Minister Rajiuddin Ahmed Raju said in a press meeting that, these new license will be issued within few months after the Telecom Regulatory Act 2010 gets parliament’s nod.

If this process starts, it will help to bring all illegal and legal VoIP operators under a legal framework. At present lots of people are involved in illegal VoIP business in Bangladesh.

The government has already canceled 5 Land Phone operators license due to involving in illegal international call termination. These are Dhaka Phone, RanksTel, National Phone, Peoples Tel and WorldTel. More than 20 license of local ISP (Internet Service Provider) has also been cancelled due to the same reason.

If this happens than it will be possible for anyone to do VoIP business under the legal framework at affordable costs. The maximum costs of license would be not more than 5 lacs BDT.

More than 60 million minutes of international incoming calls are handling daily from Bangladesh and more than 20-25 % of these calls are routing illegally by some illegal VoIP providers in Bangladesh.

People are getting involved in the illegal VoIP call handling business because this has become a profitable business as the technology offers international call charges much lower than legal calls.

A previous NEW was: “A move is underway to bring illegal VoIP (voice over internet protocol) under a legal framework by renting out E1 connections to the operators”.
International call termination through E1 devices in illegal in Bangladesh. This device is used to transmission of Voice, Data and Graphics at high speed.

BTRC (Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission) charges Tk 1.2 lakh for each E1 connection which has 30 port to handle 30 call at a time.

Zia Ahmed - Chairman of BTRC said - “The parliamentary body is looking for a suitable way to legalise international call termination through VoIP. The committee has asked BTRC to provide a report on E1 rental,”.

Using E1 devices illegal VoIP operators charges around 1.65 cents per minute incoming call in Bangladesh but the legal call handlers charges 3 cents per minute.

To know more interesting NEWS and story about VoIP Bangladesh click the link below: