Friday, November 5, 2010

Enjoy the Freedom of Communication using Nimbuzz

Stay in touch with your friends and family using Nimbuzz. It does not matter wherever you are. Be online available on the go, Call your friends who are online on time, chat with them, send IMs (Instant Messages), Share your thoughts, feelings, photos, videos, files and more.

You can share your location (tell your friends where you are!) using Nimbuzz and can locate your friends who stays online using it.

And all the services you can avail for free from Nimbuzz !

You can make free VoIP calls to your online buddies using Nimbuzz. If you want to make international phone calls using Nimbuzz, you don’t need to worry. Nimbuzz also offers a low and attractive international VoIP phone calling rates.

Nimbuzz is called a multi community Mobile Social Messaging and VoIP provider. It combines IMs (Instant Messaging), VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), and (geo) presence.

You can connect with your Friends using some popular Social and IM services on the internet like, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger, FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter, Hyves and some others.


Using Nimbuzz you can make call, send messages, share files, and share your location to your contact list. This contact list is hyper-connected, an always-on and a dynamic address book enhanced with real time presence. You can see who are online or offline, and other status of your friends.

To get this service in your mobile you just need an internet enabled mobile handset with active internet connection (2G, 3G, WiFi, and GPRS). Download now in your mobile and start using Nimbuzz. You can also download Nimbuzz in your PC.

Nimbuzz is available on various OS supported handsets like, Symbian, iPhone, iPod touch, Windows mobile, Android, Blackberry, J2ME etc.

It also works well on Windows and Mac desktop computers.

Start using Nimbuzz today and enjoy the freedom of communication around the globe. Make your life more easier and enjoyable.

Download Nimbuzz for Mobile
Download Nimbuzz for PC

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