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How to create New Reseller Level-2 or Level-1 in VSR System

In my previous post VSR (VoIP Switch Reseller) - Level Basics  I have discussed briefly about some of the most common and basic operations of VSR System (VoIP Switch Reseller System). This post would help any beginner who are new to VSR System.

Today in this post I am going to discuss how to create new Level-2 or Level-1 reseller using VSR System. Level-2 can be created from Level-3 and Level-1 from Level-2. The process for L2 and L1 is same. So, this tutorial will help you hunting two birds using one bullet!

Take a look at the Screen shot of VSR Level-3 homepage for some basic ideas:

Add Tariff:
To create a new reseller at first you must create a new tariff which you can modify yourself. Just click on the Add Tariff link to add a new one. Adding a new tariff is very important, because you can create different tariff for different user / reseller. It will help you to modify easily individual clients tariff.
After clicking on Add tariff link a new page will appear containing Add Tariff heading. Just fill up the all required fields and click OK. You can define Pulse, Free minute, Add Surcharge etc here. After clicking on the OK button a new tariff will be added. See the following screen shot to get more idea. Click on the picture below to enlarge.

Adding Tariff Destinations or Properties in VSR:
Now add tariff properties (destinations) to your new added tariff. Click on the new tariff you made from the left side menu. Click Add.. details of tariff properties will appear. Add destination details (description, rate, pulse etc) and click OK. You can add more destinations depending on your Base Tariff or you can upload all destinations at same time by clicking on the Import link. Before import you must Export all the destinations and and save the file in you computer. Than you can edit all destinations. Its an easy process.

Add Reseller in VSR:
Now its time to add a new Reseller. Click on Add Reseller link on the Home Page. The following page will appear. Type reseller Login, Password, Identifier and fill up all the required fields. Select tariff from the right side. Select client type, you can select more than one (GK Register, Pc2Phone, Common Client etc..). Select the Active check box to activate the reseller. Below the tariff selection enter Clients limit. It can be 100000 / 999999 or more or any other amount. After filling up all he required fields click OK. Your new reseller will be added.

Add Balance:
The reseller is ready now. Now from the Home page click on the Show Reseller link. You will see the VSR reseller you created. Follow the following screen shot. Click on the reseller login name to add balance.

Click on the red color Add Payment button (highlighted) to add balance to the reseller. A new window will appear like the following screen shot.

After clicking on the Add Payment button the following window will appear. Write the Amount, select Type (prepaid / return), and enter description and press the Add button. Given amount will be added to the VSR reseller. Isn't it easy ?

I think this process will help you a lot, if you are a new VSR user. If you have further question you can mail me. mail1mail2

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Friday, February 25, 2011

VSR (VoIP Switch Reseller) - Level Basics

I have got few mail from some of my readers. They requests me to write some post about various Reseller System, Rate/tariff creation, Level-1, 2, 3 creation etc...

This post is specially for new VoIP users, who want to start their business with Reseller Level-3, Level-2, Level-1 etc. And this kind of posting will continue regularly in this blog. In this post I am going to discuss about the VSR System (VoIP Switch Reseller System) Level-3 / Level-2 Basics.

Before start discussing all you must know the basic requirements for VSR Level-3 / 2 /1:
  • A PC (Personal Computer) with internet connection
  • You can use a Smart mobile Handset as an alternate of PC with internet connections.
  • VSR Login Address (provider by Switch owner or from where you got the reseller)
  • User Name and Password.
VSR Login:
Open Internet Explorer (IE), Mozilla Firefox, Opera or any other supported browser. Type the provided VSR IP Address or reseller link on the address bar and press ENTER. You will see a window containing Login and Password field and two Button (OK and Reset). See the picture below.

Just type your Login and Password correctly and Press OK. You will enter your reseller Homepage.

VSR Reseller Homepage:
After successful logged in you will see the Homepage of your reseller.
  • At the top middle of the page you will see your reseller Login name, Clients Limit, Call Limit. The calls limit is actually your Balance.
  • At the top left side four link: Homepage, Logout, About and Reseller Settings
  • Now take a look at the middle section of your VSR reseller homepage. You can show tariff and add new tariff by clicking on the Show and Add tariff link.
  • Than Click on the Report link to see the reports of reseller daily costs, minutes etc. You can customize your report and can see date wise, weekly or monthly.
  • On the Show / Add section below Reseller: you can show current reseller and add new reseller. Just click on this link and follow the instructions.
  • Click on Payment History link to see your detail payment history of your VSR reseller.
  • Click on the Stats link to see the current stats of your various type of Clients like GK Register Clients, PC2Phone Clients, Common Clients etc.
  • At the left side there are some other link like: Active calls, Reseller reports, Resellers etc.
  • By clicking on Active Calls you can see your VSR reseller current calls.
  • Click on the Base Tariff link to see your current Base Tariff. You will see all destinations provider by your reseller provider. Per minute rate of each destination.
  • Click on the picture below to enlarge. The screen shot is of a VSR level-3 reseller account.

Change Password:
For every new user it is an important task to change the Password first. At the top right side click on Reseller Settings. Enter your current password in the Old Password field. And enter your New Password twice on the next two fields. Than click on Change. You will get your new Password.
Now Logout from your reseller homepage and Login again to your VSR reseller account with your new Password .

Click on the above picture to make it enlarge.

Click on the below link to know more about VSR System:

Monday, February 14, 2011

Get Professional Business VoIP Support and Service from DR.VoIP

DrVoIP is one of the best VoIP Phone System provider. A 100% Professional on demand Voice over Internet Protocol or Internet Telephony support and service provider for Small and Medium VoIP Business.

DrVoIP have a team of well trained, ShoreTel, Cisco, Microsoft certified IT Professionals led by a 40 years experienced and well known provider in telecommunication sector. Thousands of desktops around the world manages by the team. They provide customer support, technical support on a per incident basis. There are many other special support that user / client can get from from DrVoIP.

Some special support:

VOIP Technical Support and Installation: Immediate problem resolution for:
  • Shoretel IPBX
  • ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center
  • Easy Run EpicCenter
  • Customized ShoreTel Report Generation
  • Cisco Call Manager (Express, IPCC, Unity)
  • Microsoft VOIP (OCS, Exchange Speech)
  • Asterisk, FreePBX, Trixbox, Fonality
  • Global design, installation and support!

To provide quality service in VoIP the basic requirement is its network built on. Dr.VoIP staffs has minimum qualification of CCNA / CCNP and ShoreTel, Microsoft Certified professionals. These professionals can configure and troubleshoot all VoIP related issues and also can resolve LAN / WAN and QoS issues.

Services from Dr.VoIP:

Dr.VoIP works remotely (via telephone or online) to solve all issues efficiently and quickly. It offers the following solutions for VoIP or Internet Telephony.

  • Pay Per Incident. A flat rate of $225 on a “pay per incident” basis. Regardless of the time involved to resolve the issues. Provides VoIP solutions on a single fee per incident basis. All payments are “in advance” and the company accepts PayPal or Credit Card payment only.
  • Pay As You Go. Optionally, you can chose to “pay as you go” VoIP solution plan at the following rates:

1. If your service request is made during normal business hours of 8:00AM – 5:00PM PST you will prepay and select the $135 per hour rate.

2. If you your require assistance after normal business hours, holidays, weekends or on an emergency basis, Select this $225 per hour rate.

3. Prepay for a block of 10 Hours of normal business hour support for the discounted price of one hour, effectively saving $135! This rate applies only to our normal business hours. After hours support will be charged to your support credit at the $225 rate.

For latest packages go to

Remote Voip Installations

DrVoIP can do your VoIP installation remotely!

All VoIP installation, configuration and programming (including VLAN setup) will be provided remotely. Optionally, DrVoIP can arrange for an onsite installation also depending on client's requirement.

VoIP Installation is done on a per user, per switch and per site basis. All installations assume that the client provides equipment rack and stack and hands and feet onsite.

DrVoIP also provide circuit provisioning services for Telephone Company. You can get a wide range of common carrier around the world (PRI, SIP, Analog) and some other solutions like MPLS Connectivity, Wireless solution.

Voip Training
Dr VoIP offers Training for small VoIP Business, you can get help to start your business. Voice over Internet Protocol or Internet Telephony service is going to be more and more popular day by day. Dr.VoIP provide training guides, one-on-one, Video tutorials and DVD. For more details go to for their training offers.

They provide a special ShoreTel 8 Administration online training course. You can get the full course on DVD. To understand the administrative process systematically you can take start with this training.

For more details go to their website and start your own business or get a chance to expand your business.

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Best VoIP provider in UK and other Europe - VoIPtalk

One of the leading VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service provider in UK and europe is VoIPtalk. Customer's are getting best-quality Internet Telephony service at an attractive and low cost from VoIPtalk. The quality of service is rapidly increasing to satisfy the clients and users and to meet the demand of 21st century.

Voice over internet Protocol or Internet Telephony enables its user's to make calls to other user or in any PSTN and Cellphone numbers around the world. And the costing is definitely lower than traditional Telephone System.VoIPtalk users can get this benefit easily.

Users can make:
* Voicemail2email, 
* Incoming numbers and cost-free calls to other subscribers and to users on other VoIP networks.

Join today and get registered with VoIPtalk database and start communicate with your friends, family, and bring them under the same roof.

Monthly Call Packages:
There are various packages that you can get from VoIPtalk. You can choice your best package from huge range of features, low call rates, and free minutes. Packages are changing regularly with attractive advantages.

Following packages are available right now:
  • Prepay Silver Package: A host of features and low call rates for £3.99/month.
  • VoIPtalk 1000:1000 free minutes for UK and worldwide calls.
  • VoIPtalk Unlimited: Inclusive minutes for UK and worldwide calls.
  • Business Multi Plan: Take control and create your own Business Call Plan.
  • Landline Business Packages: Free UK and worldwide calls, 5 lines & more.
  • Mobile Business Packages: A range of inclusive minutes for calls to mobiles.

Pay As You Go
Use VoIPtalk prepaid service to save money and make call around the world. Top up from as little as £5. No subscription fees, no hidden charges.

  • VoIP Prepaid Topup: Simply topup and start making calls straight away.
  • Asterisk PBX Call Credit: Topup your Asterisk PBX to make outgoing calls.

Incoming VoIP Numbers
Choose from a range of incoming numbers, get a UK, European or International number.

  • Gold Numbers: Get a memorable Gold number from VoIPtalk.
  • UK Geographic Numbers: Get your own UK number from over 650 cities.
  • UK DID VoIP Numbers: Get a consecutive UK number range.
  • UK Non-Geographic Numbers: Get a 0845, 0870 or 0871 number.
  • 0843 Non-Geographic Number: Get a 0843 number and benefit from revenue share.
  • 0800 Inbound VoIP Number: Direct callers to your business with a 0800 number.
  • 056 UK-based Number: Receive calls from non-VoIP users.
  • 03 Telephone Numbers: An alternative to chargeable 08 numbers.
  • 070 Personal Number: Ensure that you have a UK phone presence.
  • 09 Premium Rate Numbers: Earn money from people calling you.
  • European Inbound Numbers: More than 20 European countries and 120 cities.
  • Rest of World Numbers: 18 worldwide countries and over 300 cities.
  • International Freephone: Advertise your business worldwide.
  • VoIPtalk Mobile Roamer: Get your own personal UK mobile number.

Unified Communications
CTI client can use fax and email service from VoIPtalk.

  • UK Fax-to-Email: A UK fax number, with no need for a fax machine!
  • 0845 Fax-to-Email: A 0845 fax number, no hidden subscription fees.
  • 0870 Fax-to-Email: Advertise your fax number nationwide in the UK.
  • CTI Client: Computer Telephony Integration.

VoIP Telephone Systems
To implement a standard and reliable VoIP business VoIPtalk offering some special service to setup your own business.

  • VoIPtalk Express PBX: A big telephony solution for small business.
  • Hosted PBX: A powerful and highly advanced telephony solution.
  • IP PBX: Ideal Business VoIP solution for 4 to 100 users.
  • Switchvox: The latest PBX innovation from Digium.
  • Asterisk Business Edition: The enterprise-grade version of Asterisk PBX solution.

VoIPtalk Express PBX
This service is especially designed small VoIP business. It includes all necessary and most common features that small business needs.

Business Multi Plan
A flexible and cost effective service that will fulfill your requirements.

SIP Trunk Services
SIP Trunks allow you to increase the total number of concurrent calls that you can make using VoIPtalk!

Number Porting Services
Carry you number with you! Port your number to VoIPtalk and enjoy the benefits of VoIP without changing your number.

Carrier Preselect
With Carrier Preselect you benefit from VoIPtalk's low cost calls without the need to change your service provider or buy a VoIP phone.

easySPEAK Softphone
Download the easySPEAK Softphone from VoIPtalk. It's easy to use and cheaper than Skype!

For more details brows

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