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How to use SIP devices with VoIP Buster

VoIP Buster can be used in SIP Devices to make VoIP phone calls in any landlines or any mobile phone number around the world. You need to get registered first with VoIP Buster in order to make calls. Sign up is absolutely free. VoIP Buster can be used in following SIP devices:

SIP ATA (Analogue Telephone Adaptor)
SIP Router
xDSL Modem

The most SIP devices are equipped with a combination of the following ports:
  • (A)DSL – It connects your line from your (A)DSL provider.
  • WAN – It connects your line from your xDSL Modem or Router
  • LAN – Port of your home network, you can connect your Laptop, PC, Network-Printer or Wirless Router.
  • PHONE – Your analogue telephone can be connected here.
  • LINE – To connects your analogue (PSTN) line.
  • USB – Your PC and Laptop can be connected with free USB port.

Some SIP devices have more than one LAN port or Phone port available. Use your own SIP device user manual and take a look at above information’s. Connect your hardware and install the software right way. To avoid any kind of mistake look again and again otherwise it wont work.

Software Configuration basics:
  • SIP port: 5060
  • Registrar:
  • Proxy server:
  • Outbound proxy server: leave blank
  • Account name: Voip Buster username
  • Password: Voip Buster password
  • Display name / number: Voip Buster username or voipnumber
  • Stunserver (option):

Some popular and most common SIP devices are given below,
  • AVM Fritz!box FON ATA 1020
  • AVM Fritz!box FON 7050
  • SMC 7908 VoWBRA
  • X-lite v3.0 Software

The most common CODEC System use in SIP devices:
  • G.726 (32 kbps)
  • G.711 (64 kbps)
  • G.723 (5.3 & 6.3 kbps)
  • G.729 (8 kbps)
  • GSMFR (13.2 kbps)

If you have problem with audio:
  • You can use a STUN server (e.g. with port 3478. You can use this server if it supports with your device. Use the G.711 codec

For further details about how to use SIP devices with VoIP Buster and some other technical information visit FAQ on

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