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Technolory in Banglatrac, Mirtelecom, Novotel

Banglatrac, Novotel and Mirtel are the three licensed IGW (International Gateway) Provider in Bangladesh. Except those another provider is BTCL (Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Limited) which is Bangladesh Government's own organization. In this post Some basic technology using in these three IGW provider - Banglatrac, Novotel and Mirtel will discussed:


Core Equipments:
  • Installed a State-of-the-art Ericsson end-to-end solution with the following features:
  • Telephony Server (TeS) based on Ericsson AXE 810 act as the Switching Platform (Call Control Function) which is operating on EIN 3.1.
  • Interconnected Platform based on Ericsson AXD 301.
  • Media Gateway (MGW) based on AXD 301.
  • The system supports clear channel and VoIP calls and it can handle up to 20,000 concurrent calls.
  • Redback router SE400 and Juniper ISG 2000 Firewall for Network security.

Using TDM interfaces (at E1 and STM-1 level connectivity) and GE interfaces at Switch side. Routing all traffic through the SEA-ME-WE4 (SMW4) submarine cable as per Company license obligation. Beside this 10% of the total capacity of calls are handle directly with Satellite link. PoPs with softswitches in London and Hong Kong and both locations are connected via STM-1 level connectivity. These two Pops are connected using cable systems across the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean which will help reduce possibility of congestion, improve efficiency and increase diversity.

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Connected via multiple STM-1 based TDM circuits with local operators in Bangladesh to cater highest level of Voice Quality. Multiple STM-1 links for international connectivity through SEA-ME-WE-4 submarine cable which is using both TDM circuits and IP- Internet Protocol (SIP and H.323) to maintain the quality of service. (QoS).
  • 24 hours NOC support with skilled support personnel.
  • NGN Class-4 Architecture.
  • Support for H.323, SIP and TDM based interconnects with protocol and codec conversion facility.
  • Billing system from INTEC - a leader in Interconnect Billing in the world.
  • Redundant transmission link using VSAT.
  • Network security ensured against DoS attacks and network anomalies.

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Network and  Device: 
Using a unique approach of information technology Mirtel is connecting Bangladesh in the international information super highway daily. Mirtel is one of the pioneer IGW provider of Bangladesh and its main focus is always latest technology in the Telecommunication era.

  • Mirtel is using carrier class NGN (Next Generation Network) platform with all available update Protocols, Secured and Intelligent devices with redundant capacity and connectivity in the network to satisfy customers requirements and secure their investments.
  • Mirtel Core Network supports all latest protocols with all codec.
  • 5th Generation Routers to handle GSR
  • Transmission with higher cross-connects capacity and can evaluate to all IP.

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