Sunday, June 12, 2011

Special Features of Low Rate VoIP - 2

Read my previous post to know about some special features of LowRate VoIP. Click the following link:

Send SMS using LowRateVoIP:
LowRateVoIP users can easily send text SMS to any mobile number around the world. This can be done using using the LowRateVoIP Software or from the SMS options from any user’s personal pages.

SMS can only send using LowRateVoIP website or HTML link, there is a special facility from SMS user called scheduled SMS. Click here to know how to send SMS.

The rate for SMS is very low comparatively with other VoIP Providers. For more details about SMS rate Check our LOW SMS rates!

Regular Phone-to-Phone calls:
Using LowRateVoIP you can make calls using your regular Phone which is called Phone-to-Phone features. Its one of the eat features of this provider which helps you to make calls directly from your Mobile Phone or Land Phone. 

To use this features LowRateVoIP will first dial to your number and when you pick up the calls your desired number will automatically dialed by provider and you will hear a ring tone and whwn the another person receive your call you can start talking like regular phone.

Below is the description how it works:
  • Open your LowRateVoIP.
  • Under the Phone2Phone tab you will see two fields where you can enter phone numbers. Enter your own Phone or Mobile number in the “Your Phone Number” field.

  • Than enter another number whom you want to make calls in the “Destination Phone Number” field. You can chose from your phone book by browsing the Phonebook features.
  • Press the Call button.
  • From now on you decide for each separate call if you wish to make a regular call or a Phone-to-Phone call. Just press the Phone-to-Phone button.

LowRateVoIP Credit for Mobile Calls:
LowRateVoIP provide access number using which you can make good use of your Free-Days calls and Credits by making cheap regular mobile and phone calls.
How it works:
  • Add your Mobile number or Land phone number in your personal details.
  • Select the country where you are calling from
  • Call the provided local access number and listen what they say, now dial your desired internmation destination number you wish to make a call.

LowRateVoIP Reseller:
Start your own business by becoming a reseller of LowRateVoIP and start making money. You can sell VoIP credits to your customer around the world.

More info on the reselling of credit

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