Sunday, June 19, 2011

Voice Communication Solutions Using JAJAH

JAJAH is one of the best Voice communication solution or VoIP Provider in the world. Due to some of its special features JAJAH is going to be more and more popular in the European VoIP market. It’s a simple and innovative solution to make free and low cost calls around the world. Users can save up to 98% of the bill using JAJAH.

No Contract, no Software, no Headset – it’s a direct connect two landline or mobile phone user using its special features. Calls can be made anywhere in the world directly from web browser or mobile web browser or by directly dialing a JAJAH local number.

Try today by making five minutes free trial calls using JAJAH to any Landlines or Mobile phone (For Europe Trial call can be make in Landlines only) and than you can join JAJAH today and start saving your money using various JAJAH products:

It also provide various business solutions for Small and medium VoIP businessman. Just visit JAJAH website today for more details.

Products of JAJAH:
  • JAJAH.Direct
  • JAJAH..Web
  • JAJAH.Mobile Web
  • JAJAH@Call

Difference between other VoIP Providers and JAJAH:
For Crystal Clear voice, High quality and affordable global VoIP calling JAJAH use the combination of their existing Telephony Infrastructure and Internet. Using JAJAH you can make VoIP call directly from your Land phone or Mobile phone which can done in the following way:
  • It does not need a headset, a microphone or any other special telephone device.
  • It does not need any Desktop or Laptop PC.
  • You don’t need to change your existing phone number to use JAJAH.
  • JAJAH offer a special, low cost for international calling which does not setup any kind of hidden fees like other providers.
The three most common and easy way to make calls using JAHAJ are JAJAH Direct, JAJAH Web and JAJAH Mobile Web.

How to make Calls:
You can make VoIP phone calls using JAJAH in various ways:

Use JAJAH Direct :
This service offers you to make calls at a low cost Phone2Phone calls. It does not require any internat capable PC or Mobile phone. To make calls in this way simply dial JAJAH local access number and after get connected press your destination number from your mobile and start talking. When you complete your conversation you will receive an SMS to your mobile phone which will include a unique local phone number for the person you called. You can save this phone number into your contact list. Next time JAJAH user can call directly to this number.

Use JAJAH Web :
Another easy way to make calls using JAJAH. Go to and there you will see “My Phone Number” and “My Friends Phone Number” fields. Now enter two numbers your own or from which you want to make call and your desired destination number. Select the country from where you making call and finally press the CALL button. Before making calls enter the area code and number correctly. Now you will get a call from JAJAH after receiving you call will get connected to your destination number.

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