Friday, September 30, 2011

Wholesale VoIP Solution

The birth of Voice-over-IP technology in late 1990s and its rapid growth in early 2000s, have resulted in the proliferation of many alternative telecom providers. Those providers have introduced a number of innovative communications services such as calling cards and callback which relied on call origination and termination over the Internet.

The growing number of new telecom providers led to increased demand for traffic aggregation services and as a result the Wholesale VoIP business was born. Wholesale VoIP providers act as traffic aggregates and/or traffic exchanges for their customers.

They sign up contracts with both retail and wholesale VoIP providers and act as a middle man for call origination and termination services. When partners send traffic to the Wholesale VoIP provider, he/she reroutes it to other partners for termination and makes profit from the difference in negotiated rates.

Business Solution
PROVIDER Softswitch will offer end-to-end, cost-effective and scalable Wholesale VoIP solution. That solution will feature powerful billing, flexible routing, and proven interoperability with equipment from other leading VoIP vendors.

Because all solution components will be developed by PROVIDER and Softswitch manufacturer we can eliminate integration issues and for that we can quickly start and/or expand our Wholesale VoIP business while enjoying high return on investment.

How will the solution work?

PROVIDER Experience
  • PROVIDER will receive VOIP Traffic request from Partner 1 for termination.
  • Then PROVIDER Softswitch will accept the traffic and will send authorization request to PROVIDER VoIP Billing server. The VoIP billing server will verify the account balance of Partner 1 and will authorize call termination.
  • PROVIDER Softswitch will re-route the traffic to Partner 2, hiding traffic source information.
  • Upon completing the call, the PROVIDER VoIP Billing server records will debit the account of Partner 1 and will record CDR record of the call.

Solution components are required
Core elements of PROVIDER Wholesale VoIP Solution include:
  • PROVIDER VOIP Billing Server is a robust billing server that provides our customers with all necessary tools to successfully implement a wide spectrum of VoIP business models.
  • PROVIDER Softswitch is an advanced VoIP softswitch that provides our customer with secure and reliable peering between their own networks and the VoIP networks of their business partners.
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  2. Verocom also provide wholesale voip services with prepaid calling cards.

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  3. Wholesale VoIP providers act as traffic aggregators and/or traffic exchanges for their customers.A VoIP telephone is more affordable than using a conventional phone. So if you are going to call long distance calls using VoIP, you’ll pay a much cheaper cost. Thanks..!!
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