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Little about E-Commerce in Bangladesh

One of my friends wanted to buy a used reconditioned car in 2004. Together we met several sellers in various places across Dhaka city, we collected the information’s about the sellers from Newspapers, other’s references etc, finally he was able to buy a car from Car Haat, it took about a month.

This is a story before 10 years, but now situation has changed a lot due to the E-Commerce growths in Bangladesh. Lots of E-Commerce sites have already started their business in the country and are trying to provide their best services. Involvement of peoples is also increasing day by day in Online Shopping. This is happening due to the availability and easy use of internet in the country. Recent report says that the internet user in the country is more than 30 million and it’s increasing rapidly.

Before the year 2000, Bangladesh was in the dark ages of E-commerce, people did not even think about online shopping. But now, people are getting involved with this E-shopping practice to buy their daily needs, from potato/fish to car/apartment! Most of the e-commerce sites are easily accessible over the internet and they provide great deals on products, free shipping, door to door delivery services etc.

Some of the E-Commerce sites in Bangladesh are Carmudi, Cellbazar, Rokomari, Boi-mela etc.

Carmudi is a vehicle buying and selling E-Commerce site for Bangladesh's car market. This site provides a large selection of models of famous brands. Buyers can buy their desired car from private customer, professional car dealers, and even the local auto trader. Cellbazar is one of the oldest E-Commerce sites in Bangladesh which has started their operation in 2006 based on SMS and in 2007 it has started with their website. 

My friend brought a car in 2004 and it took about a month, but now using E-Commerce site like Carmudi anyone can buy a car from a number of vehicle listing and can make direct contact with the seller via email or phone. Seller makes their offers and buyers can find out the best offer in the site. Before buying a buyer can see almost every detail about the vehicle. This is the advantage of E-Commerce sites, wish if we found this site in 2004 we could save our money, time, we could save ourselves from hassles. 

The E-Commerce sites are leading to a significant change in the way we go about our daily lives. Recently, the first UK-Bangladesh E-commerce fair held in South West London, from September 7-9. Lots e-commerce-related organizations from both the UK and Bangladesh showcased their products and services in the fair.

Bangladesh is one of the large and growing markets in the world as population. The government is also taking some initiatives and various projects to build a digital Bangladesh which will make the country going fast and modern like western or developed countries in the world. The number of e-commerce sites here and the way it’s growing, tells us that e-commerce is going to stay for long and will make a revolution in the IT sector of Bangladesh.

Thanks a lot for reading.

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

3G Packs from Airtel BD

Any Airtel existing SIM card can be used to gather 3G services in Bangladesh, so any Airtel subscriber can use 3G anytime if he / she is under the 3G coverage are in the country and activated the 3G services in his 3G-Enabled handset. At present Airtel BD is offering the following 3G packages (see the screenshot below of this post), for further details please visit the web portal of Airtel BD.

How to activate 3G:  

  • Any 3G internet pack subscription will ensure your provision to 3G.
  • Without activating any 3G internet pack if you want to activate 3G, write in SMS and send to 5000; anytime you can de-activate your 3G services writing in SMS and sending to 5000.

3G basic internet offers from Airtel:

1. Pay As You Go: It's basically the usages base default 3G internet pack which you can use anytime without subscription any particular 3G internet pack with a tariff rate 0.01Tk/KB:

  • as much as you will use will be charged accordingly with this type of internet usages.
  • your daily usages limit for 3G Pay As You Go internet type is 10MB/ day; as soon as your daily usages limit reaches to 10MB your internet service will be barred and will be unbarred automatically next day.
  • you will receive notification at your 8MB 3G Pay As you Go usages as well as your 10MB usages.
  • to continue 3G internet usages further after Pay As You go blocking need to subscribe any 3G internet pack which will ensure your uninterrupted 3G internet usages with much lower cost.

2. Internet Packs: Airtel is offering affordable smart 3G internet plans for all of its 3G subscribers, you can activate any of your preferred 3G internet pack anytime you want   

Activation Channels:  
Airtel has opened too many activation channels to activate 3G internet packs for its customer conveniences, you can activate 3G internet pack anytime, anywhere through SMS, USSD, IVR, customer care….etc.

Available 3G internet packs:

Terms and Conditions:

All pack prices above are excluding 15% VAT. All the above 3G internet packs are also available in USSD menu *121*7# and IVR 1212 (free), you can check and subscribe your preferred packs from there.

  • All above 3G internet packs are both for prepaid and postpaid, for postpaid to avail 1GB 3G internet pack need to pay Tk. 350 refundable deposit, if you are a postpaid subscriber and want to activate 1GB 3G internet pack please visit any Airtel customer care center.  
  • All above airtel 3G internet packs are with speed 1Mbps.  
  • All 3G internet packs are faciliated with auto-renewal feature, availing auto-renewal your remaining data volume will be forwarded with new pack.
  • If you want to stop auto-renewal write in SMS <3goff> and send to 5000; after expiry of your existing pack validity it will not be re-newed and if you don't subscribe any further 3G internet pack within the existing pack validity the remaining internet volume will be cleared out from account after validity expiry.   
  • 4 times usages notifications will be provided at your 50%, 80%, 97% and 100% usages level of your current subscribed pack. 
  • If your 3G internet pack volume is consumed 100% before expiry of its validity you will be charged 10KB/ paisa for additional usages till the remaining pack validity, and after expiry of the pack validity if you are not facilitated with auto-renewal your internet usages will fall in 'Pay As You Go' and will be charged 1 paisa/ KB.
  • You may have both 2G and 3G internet pack simultaneously, your 2G pack will be used in 2G network and 3G pack will be used in 3G network, but if you have 3G internet pack only and want to use internet in 2G without 2G internet pack you will be charged a special reduced 2G Pay As you Go rate 10KB/paisa.

Thanks a lot for reading, for further details please visit: Airtel BD.

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Banglalink 3G Package Details

Banglalink 3G will allow valued customers to surf the internet with faster data speed even on the move with the superior HSPA connection. Banglalink 3G will bring to life the experience of mobile broadband on your 3G mobile phone/device. With banglalink 3G you can enjoy superior video streaming, download experiences, enhanced video calling, high-speed data transmission and accessing innovative 3G services on the mobile phone that will make your life smatter, exciting and efficient so you can do more on the go.

Video call using Banglalink 3G:
Surprise your dear ones with video calls! The service helps to connect both the caller and the receiver in such a way where you can see each other while having the conversation. all you need is 3G video calling enabled handsets and both of you need to be within 3G coverage area.

  • Banglalink subscribers availing 3G data packs will automatically become eligible for video calling.
  • Once ready, just enter a number or select a number from your phone book.
  • By selecting video call from your handset, the call is on.
  • You can also receive a video call as long as the caller is in 3G coverage area.
  • The video call may drop when a subscriber moves from 3G to 2G area.
  • Once you choose to make a video call, then video call tariff will be applicable as 50 paisa per 10 seconds.
  • This is applicable for banglalink to banglalink calls only within 3G coverage area.
  • 15% vat applicable.

Banglalink 3G provides value for money through the right experience; discover affordable packages from Banglalink below.

Promotional offer in banglalink 3G packs:
*all tariffs are limited time promotional offer.

Banglalink 3G packs:
*all tariffs are limited time promotional offer.

3G pack balance check: To check balance dial *222*3#

Terms & Conditions:

  • Above mentioned data packages’ tariff plan will be valid till further notice.
  • Subscribers will be able to enjoy the maximum speed of 1mbps.
  • The speed may vary subject to device compatibility, usage pattern and subscriber location, etc.
  • Subscribers will be charged at tk 0.01/10 KB once the quota (volume) finish before pack expires.
  • To find consumed quota (volume), subscribers need to dial *222*3#.
  • Data packs will have auto-renewal. to stop the package, dial *5000*6#.
  • Subscribers need to be within 3G coverage areas to enjoy the 3G speed.
  • 15% vat applicable.
  • To know more, dial 77666 (free)

Existing data packs in 3G: existing 2G data subscribers enrolled in the mentioned packages can also enjoy banglalink 3G internet as below:
*note: all items are subject to 15% vat in addition to the above mentioned charges.

For further details and latest promotion and updates of various packages please keep eyes on

Thanks a lot.

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Packages from Robi 3.5 G

Robi 3.5G is the enhanced version of 3G that offers higher mobile Internet speed of up to 21Mbps, while 3G offers mobile Internet speed of up to only 384Kbps. The average download data speed available is usually in the region of 1-3 Mbps. Robi 3.5G is the third generation of mobile communication technology that will allow customers to surf the Internet with speeds of more than three times faster than 2G technology.

With a 3G phone/device and access to the Robi’s 3.5G Technology, you can make video calls, watch live TV, access high speed Internet and enjoy live streaming at never before speeds! Below are some packages details offered from Robi 3G service:

Service Details:
Buy existing 2G Monthly Packs (i.e. 1GB, 3GB & 5GB), and get 1GB of 3.5G data for free (The offer is valid from 31st October onwards). Existing Robi user can also enjoy FREE 3.5G video call service for 1 (one) month, after migration to Robi 3.5G,

To avail Robi 3.5G Service:
Step 1: Dial *666*1#
Step 2: Purchase any of the 2G monthly data packs mentioned below in the screenshot:

Tariff Charges:

  • Enjoy 1GB of 3.5G Bonus Data for free with purchase of existing 2G monthly packs mentioned above.
  • Pay Per Use 3.5G Tariff:

Terms and Conditions / Important Note:

  • After expiration of Data Bundle Pack, subscribers will be charged BDT 0.01/10KB
  • If the registered 3G customers buy a 2G pack and latched on 3G network still he/she can use 2G data pack but the speed will be same as 2G.
  • Dial *8444*88# for data balance check.
  • Deactivation Code: *666*2#
  • To ensure smooth video call service, you need to have 3G video call enabled handset, and be within 3G network coverage too.

For further details and to know latest update about packages and promotions please visit web portal of Robi.

Thanks a lot.

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Bangladesh could show India the way in 3G - Forbes India

The Forbes India published an article on 3rd October, 2013 about 3G spectrum auction in Bangladesh. The 3G spectrum auction was held on Sunday, 8th September, 2013 at Ruposhi Bangla Hotel in the capital Dhaka, Bangladesh. The biggest operator in the country Grameenphone/GP bought 10MHz and the other three operators Robi, Airtel and Banglalink bought 5MHz each. The auction was concluded with just four calls, selling a total of 25MHz on the 2,100 band.

Dear Readers, the headline of the article was Bangladesh could show India the way in 3G. The article was written by Mohammad Chowdhury who is PwC India's Telecom, Media and Technology Industry Leader and a member of the global executive team. Read the article below or you can click the link to read the full article: Forbes India.

Absurd as it may seem, Bangladesh might soon lead India in the adoption of 3G: the spectrum is cheaper, 3G networks are ready to be rolled out and smart phones are more keenly priced.
Bangladesh held its first 3G spectrum auction in September. This was a much-awaited event, but one which lasted only a couple of hours. In contrast to the 3G e-auctions in India which lasted five weeks, Bangladesh’s was a simple shout-it-out affair held in a conference room at a five-star hotel in Dhaka. Grameen Phone, a subsidiary of Norway’s Telenor Group and the largest operator with over 40m subscribers, walked away with 10 MHz nationally for $210m, while Banglalink (a subsidiary of Russia’s Vimpelcom), Airtel (of India) and Robi (a subsidiary of Malaysia’s Axiata and NTT DoCoMo of Japan) took 5 MHz each, with each bidder paying $105m. Teletalk, the Government-owned operator, had been awarded spectrum earlier.
$525m was spent in all, which is about 1/30th the $15 billion spent in India’s 3G auction of 2010.  Given that India has 23 circles, roughly speaking the Bangladesh auction raised the amount represented by a single circle in India’s auction.  That represents comparatively good value, given that Bangladesh is a fast-growing market of 160m population and is equivalent to about three Indian circles, including one metro, as a telecoms market. Credit in part goes to the chief of the BTRC, Bangladesh’s telecom regulator, who made sure that the reserve price was reasonable and that Government’s fiscal concerns didn’t hijack the agenda.  This holds the Bangladesh auction in stark contrast to the heady fiscal objectives that were paramount in the Indian auctions held three years’ ago.
The bidders all got the spectrum they desired also, and the range of 5MHz to 10MHz taken contrasts to India where no operator found it worthwhile to take nationwide spectrum, and for the circles where they did, they only took between 4-5 MHz.  India remains relatively spectrum-starved for high-speed mobile data compared to most countries, including Bangladesh.
But cheaper access to spectrum, and more of it, is just two reasons why Bangladesh may outdo India’s lackluster beginnings in 3G. Consider the following:
Plug-and-Play: Operators claim that their equipment suppliers have installed 3G-ready networks, where engineers just need to insert a 3G card into a slot at the base station to enable the new spectrum to be used.  Indian operators had quite a lot of legacy network which could not be upgraded so easily.
  • Flat country: With the exception of a smidgeon of hill in Chittagong and Sylhet, Bangladesh is virtually flat. Roll-out cost will be less than in India, and signal quality is likely to be better.
  • Affordable devices: On a recent trip to Dhaka I used a Symphony dual-SIM handset manufactured in China but assembled locally and retailing for 5,000 Taka (INR 3,500).  Symphony has taken the market by storm and the current adoption of smart phones is rapid.  In India the price points are 50% higher.
  • One language: There is only one common written language in Bangladesh – Bengali – and therefore a likelihood that localized services will come up quicker than in India as application developers write for a unified market.  This compares to over a dozen indigenous languages, and countless variations and dialects across India.
  • Hunger for Internet: At less than 1% fixed broadband penetration, Bangladeshis are more Internet-starved than Indians.  The vast majority of the population has never had an Internet experience, but many have a curiosity to find out.  Bangladesh is a market even more ripe for the mobile Internet than India.
  • Latecomer Advantage: Bangladesh has what I refer to as the “t+” advantage.  It is t+3 years to 3G in India, t+6 to Malaysia, and so on.  Operators should be able to learn from the mistakes made elsewhere in pricing and network.
The first few reasons point to how initial adoption of 3G might be quicker, but the last three reasons indicate the potential for Bangladesh to outdo India in data services uptake altogether. Three years into India’s 3G story, data services usage is still only just picking up. Admittedly growth has been impressive this year with 3G usage doubling since last year. But this growth is on a small base, and is only at pace with smart phone penetration (which has also doubled in the past year). 
In other words, 3G usage is “rising with the tide”, and no operator is showing that it can outstrip handset penetration to show a true shift towards data services use by its customers.  Without industry-wide collaboration to drive significantly higher data use, and the widespread adoption of mobile-enabled services such as money transfer, the success of India’s data story cannot be assured.
Certainly Bangladesh’s preconditions seem to be positive for quick data services growth.  If money and other mobile-enabled services pick up, data usage could become a real long-term force for democratization.  This country may be minnows when it comes to sub-continental matters such as movie-making or cricket, but when it comes to 3G Bangladesh may just show its bigger neighbor the way.

Thanks a lot for reading the article.

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Offered 3G Packages from Grameenphone / GP

Grameenphone / GP 3G gives you a richer internet experience at a high speeds for your smart mobile devices. GP 3G is an all-new way to experience the fast paced, truly mobile lifestyle. User can upgrade to 3G on their existing GP SIM (Pre-paid / Post-paid) and explore the world class Grameenphone 3G network for optimum speed experience & full mobility. Grameenphone 3G services can be used in all types of devices (Smartphone, tablet & modem) as long as the device itself is 3G enabled.

Depending on your needs & device type, at present Grameenphone 5G service offers the following packages / value packs to choose from the two different speed tiers. These below offers are for limited time, so you are requested to keep your eyes open and for latest promotions and updates of 3G packages. For latest update browse Grameenphone website.

3G Packs Limited Time Promotional offers:

15% VAT and Auto Renewal applicable for the above packs
Beyond just high speed data packs, make video calls to your loved ones at BDT 1.2/ min (10 sec pulse applicable) only.

Terms & Conditions are as follows for the above mentioned packages:

  • Above mentioned tariff are limited time promotional offer and will be applicable till further notice.
  • To check remaining 3G data volume, dial *500*60# and to know the amount of used up volume dial *500*61#
  • Speeds tiers refer to maximum ceiling of the respective speed tier. Average likely speed will depend on multiple factors such as handset used, website visited, distance from BTS etc.
  • Extra usage fee of BDT 0.01/10KB applicable for volume based packs.
  • Fair Usage Policy (FUP) is applicable for Heavy Browsing (after 8 GB) & Smart Packs (after 1.5 GB).
  • In order to make a 3G video call, it is necessary that your handset have a front-camera and also have the video call feature. Video call does not use data channels on Grameenphone 3G network; however, separate per minute video call charge will be applicable.
  • To stop auto renewal feature, write “off” & send to 5000 number.
  • Only applicable for area which falls under 3G coverage zone in the country.

The following Tariffs will be applicable after promotional offers end:

3G Packs Regular Approved Price:

Please visit the website of Grameenphone for latest update and news.

Thanks a lot.

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3G Spectrum Auction in Bangladesh

In the 3G spectrum auction on Sunday, 8th September, 2013 held at Ruposhi Bangla Hotel in the capital Dhaka. The operator Grameenphone/GP bought 10MHz and other operators Robi, Airtel and Banglalink bought 5MHz each. The auction was concluded with just four calls, selling a total of 25MHz on the 2,100 band. A big chunk of 15MHz spectrum remained unsold.

Telecommunication Minister Shahara Khatun, Chairman of parliamentary standing committee on the ministry Md Abdus Sattar, Secretary Md Abubakar Siddique, BTRC Chairman Sunil Kanti Bose, Vice-Chairman Md Giashuddin Ahmed, and commissioner’s ATM Monirul Alam and Md Abdus Samad were present at the auction.

After the auction, the BTRC (Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission) sent a letter to the Telecommunication Ministry of Bangladesh, informing it of the auction and its outcome and requesting it to approve issuance of the 3G licenses soon to the operators.

BTRC chairman said in reply to a question “The telecom watchdog has no idea what it will do with the unsold spectrum. “The government will decide on the rest of the spectrum on the basis of demand”. He also said “There was no scope of an intense competition here as only four licenses were given and there were four applicants”.

The four mobile phone operators in the country GP, Robi, Airtel and Banglalink expressed satisfaction at the auction outcome and claimed there was no syndication about the auction. More details about the auction phase are as follows:

The first phase of the auction for 10MHz blocks started at 11:15am and the operator Grameenphone bid for $21m for each MHz within 439 milliseconds. The operator won the bidding as there was no other player for this block. Grameenphone got the chance to choose 10MHz spectrum in 2,125-2,135 band for downlink and 1,925-1,935 for uplink. Grameenphone CEO Vivek Sood said: “We are happy to get the spectrum to launch 3G. We will bring the 3G services to our valued customers at fastest possible time, ensuring the high quality for which GP is known for.”

In the second phase, Robi bid for 5MHz block within 410 milliseconds. Robi was given the opportunity to choose spectrum band, and it took 2,140-2,145 for downlink and 1,950-1,955 for uplink. Robi CEO Michael Kuehner told the Dhaka Tribune that their 3G service launching would depend on the issuance and handover of the actual license as well as receipt of the NOCs from the relevant authorities for import of equipment and its subsequent deployment.

Airtel bid after 44.792 seconds. Airtel took 2,135-2,140 for downlink and 1,945-1,950 for uplink. Chris Tobit, CEO of Airtel said “We are very hopeful to fulfill the government’s desire by rolling out the 3G network within the time [fixed in the guideline] and we are committed to deploying world class 3G network in the country”.

Just before the end of the 5-minute period for bidding, Banglalink joined the race. Banglalink got the rest of the block 2,145-2,150 and 1,955-1,960. CEO of Banglalink, Ziad Shatara said: “We are now ready to move on to the rollout phase, and ensure availability of this technology to our valued customers. Banglalink has always been at the forefront of technology in this market, and with 3G, we reiterate our commitment to deliver to our customers the next generation of technologies and value propositions.”

The BTRC found no bidder in the second clock-round for $22m, so Robi, Airtel and Banglalink got 5MHz each and no competitor responded to the auctioneer’s cry in the third phase.

The state-owned mobile operator Teletalk will get the 3G license by default on 2,150-2,160 MHz band and it will have to pay $21m, the price fixed by the auction. The country’s oldest CDMA operator Citycell had applied for 3G license but it did not finally deposit $20m of the earnest money.

Thanks a lot.

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VoIP Business Products and Services from 8x8

8x8 provides business phone service and cloud contact center solutions. It is one of the largest VoIP service providers in the US which offers integrated voice, video and mobile unified communications solutions for small to medium-sized business and distributed enterprise customers.

This is a review post of various products from 8x8, your business can run smoothly by using these products whatever the size is, it does not matter. 8x8 helps to provide your customers a better service, work smarter and conduct business anywhere, anytime. From hosted VoIP phone service to hosted contact centers to unified communications, our services are easy to use, incredibly advanced and less expensive than traditional solutions. 

Complete Business Phone System:

  • Fortune 500 business features: With Virtual Office, you get all the business features that Fortune 500 companies have come to know and appreciate, including auto attendant, corporate directory, music-on-hold, conference bridge, and ring groups to name a few included!
  • More calling features: Enjoy all the standard features you had with your old service, without paying extra for them: personalized voicemail, 3-way calling, caller ID, call waiting, transfers, call forwarding, and many more. Plus, you get an online dashboard to more easily manage your communications with call history, voicemail notification, calling from your PC etc.
  • Freedom and mobility: Take your Virtual Office extension anywhere you like with our Virtual Office Mobile app for the Android, iPhone and iPad.
  • Outrageously affordable: Local, long distance, international calls are all so much more cost effective because we leverage the power of VoIP to reduce costs for you. And you won't need to buy or lease an expensive on-site PBX phone system either.
  • Get even more: Select from a wide range of optional features that will make the Virtual Office solution work even harder for you including Toll-free numbers, switchboard, traditional faxing etc. 8x8 also offer Virtual Office Pro that bundles Virtual Office phone service with online meetings, Internet faxing, and call recording.

Unify Your Communications:
8x8 Virtual Office Pro provides the same advanced phone features as Virtual Office, but then it takes your business to the next level by adding online meetings, call recording, and Internet Fax capabilities. These unified communication features help users connect with coworkers and customers around the world, boosting their productivity and your bottom line. Virtual Office Pro gives you all the benefits of 8x8 Virtual Office plus these benefits:

  • Online Meetings- Enhance Collaboration and Lower Costs: Virtual Office Pro includes Virtual Meeting web conferencing so you can hold unlimited web conferences with video for geographically dispersed employees and customers. Meeting participants can instantly share content for training, demos, and sales presentations right from their desktops, reducing travel costs and accelerating decision making.
  • Call Recording- Improve Employee Focus and Customer Service: Virtual Office Pro includes call recording so employees can focus on what's being said instead of taking notes. It's a great tool for training employees and documenting customer calls. This feature includes 1 GB of audio storage for up to 35 hours of recorded calls and meetings.
  • Internet Faxing- Send and Receive Documents from your Desktop: Internet faxing lets you send and receive faxes from any computer. Email notifications let you know right away when you receive a fax so you can respond quickly.

World-Class Virtual Contact Center:

  • Low start-up costs, low monthly fees: Implement with no hardware (except phones) to install or manage, just one low monthly fee.
  • Advanced call center features: Empower your team with advanced capabilities like skills-based routing, multimedia queuing, and real-time and reporting.
  • Your agents, anywhere: Unite local and remote agents under one virtual call center. All information is routed through the hosted call center application, so you can establish routing rules and agent groups without limiting you to a single physical location.
  • Get started quickly: Deploying a call center is now fast and easy; the jumpstart program of 8x8 gets you up and running fast.
  • Change is good: Configure your call center or make changes on the fly, without any assistance from your IT department. If you have a telesales group, a technical support helpdesk, or a customer service department, 8x8 has a solution for your business.

Virtual Meeting:

  • Unlimited Meetings: With Virtual Meeting, you can have an unlimited number of meetings a month for an unlimited duration.
  • 15 (or 50) participants per meeting: Standard package of 8x8 includes up to 15 participants per meeting, with the option to add more participants at a minimal cost on an as needed basis. Or you can choose our 50-participant plan.
  • No plug-ins required: All you need is a web browser. No plug-ins, downloads or hardware required.
  • Seamless integration with 8x8 Virtual Office and Virtual Office Pro: Virtual Meeting is available in the 8x8 Virtual Office Online portals with automated corporate directory integration. Sharing has never been easier- share your desktop, a portion of your desktop, or an application – you choose. Plus, you can pass desktop sharing to other participants.
  • Features to get excited about: Record meetings and download them FREE. Enjoy integrated VoIP and chat. Invite new participants while a meeting is in progress. Select flexible call-in numbers from around the world and more!

Video Conferencing in the Cloud:

  • 8x8 Cloud Conferencing changes everything. With 8x8 Virtual Room, video conferencing is:
  • Accessible to Everyone: Now video conferencing goes way beyond the boardroom. 8x8 Virtual Room works with video systems and video phones as well as computers with webcams. So everyone can be included, everyone can collaborate and your whole company benefits.
  • Simple: Video conferencing doesn't have to be so complicated. 8x8 Virtual Room gives your company its own private conference room in our cloud. You can instantly schedule video conferences online and participants join by dialing in or clicking a link in their email invitation.
  • Reliable and Available: Video conferencing has a reputation for being touchy and unreliable. With 8x8 Virtual Room, it just works. The 8x8 network has built in redundant systems to help ensure reliable, always-on performance.
  • Affordable: With 8x8, you can hold unlimited video meetings for up to 15 participants for one affordable flat monthly fee without worrying about per-minute or per user fees.
  • Leverage Video Investments: If you already own Polycom VVX or HDX equipment, talk to 8x8 about how you can get more out of it for less money, with 8x8 Virtual Room.

Thanks a lot for reading, for further details please visit 8x8 Inc.

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Voice over IP Solutions using Net2Phone

Net2Phone provides a full suite of Voice over Internet Protocol solutions in more than 160 countries around the Globe. Net2Phone routes millions of minutes daily over data networks, offering high quality voice services, at low-cost and provides high quality SIP Trunking solutions to suit the needs of any size of business - from small to medium size business to enterprises, calling centers, and carriers.

Using Net2Phone Business VoIP requires no hardware. Customers can configure existing PBX systems and start saving with Net2Phone immediately. With over 800 carriers interconnects worldwide, Net2Phone offers the lowest rates on all A-Z Destinations. In addition, you can choose international phone numbers to create a virtual presence in more than 40 countries.

Net2Phone enables their partners the ability to earn a new source of recurring revenue by offering high quality VoIP solutions for consumers and businesses. Services and offers from Net2Phone include the following:

Wholesale Termination:
You can become a wholesale provider by connecting your SIP softswitch to the Net2Phone network. Switch Providers can choose to route traffic from 4 different service levels, such as Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

Broadband Phone Service:
Internet Service Providers or Resellers looking to add a voice solution to their current offering can profit with private-labeled broadband telephony. Offer your residential and small business customers up to 90% savings on their phone bills.

IP-PBX SIP Trunking:
System Integrators, PBX Installers, and IT Consultants can save enterprise customers up to 90% on their telecommunications costs. Provide SIP Trunking voice services to customers who use Asterisk, Elastix, Avaya, and other SIP-based IP-PBXs and Softswitches.

International Mobile Top-Up:
Offer mobile top-up, directly from your store, to prepaid mobile phones worldwide. Increase your revenue instantly by enabling your customers to send airtime to their loved ones back home with cross-border top-up.

Mobile VoIP- Mobitalker:
Mobile Distributors and Resellers can offer a Smartphone app for low cost international calling, featuring three different call types.

Call Shops and Internet Cafes:
Resellers looking to serve call shops and internet cafes in their market with a VoIP solution can use Net2Phone services.

International Virtual Numbers:
Net3phone provides your customers with local telephone numbers from other countries.

Agent Program:
Join the Net2Phone Agent Program, and earn recurring sales commissions with NO investment, while Net2Phone supports you through every step of the way.

Consumer Services offered from Net2Phone:

Net2Phone Voiceline Broadband Phone Service, Net2Phone VoiceLineSM:
A standard fees in a month gets you unlimited calling anywhere within the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. Plus, VoiceLine includes 13 free popular calling features such as voicemail, caller ID, and call waiting.

Net2Phone CommCenter, PC2Phone and PC2Fax Software:
Net2Phone CommCenter offers the latest features in Internet technology which allow you to place low-cost calls and send faxes right from your computer.

Net2Phone Direct Calling Card:
The PennyTalk and Net2Phone Direct calling cards offer great low rates to over 250 countries. Plus, call around the world from 30 countries. Choose the calling card that is best for you!

Some special Features of Net2Phone are:

  • US / Canada toll free number: (888) 769-4529
  • Use your account anywhere - on your PBX, as a global travel calling card and via Softphone
  • Significant savings on OUTBOUND calling
  • LOW cost origination and termination
  • No charge per channel
  • Pay as you go pricing
  • Competitive rates
  • Works with existing PBX – no equipment purchase necessary
  • Save on INBOUND calling
  • Over 40 international phone numbers to choose from

For further details and latest update please visit Net2Phone.


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Monday, August 26, 2013

Advanced Calling Features from

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a method for taking analog audio signals, like the kind you hear when you talk on the phone, and turning them into digital data that can be transmitted over the Internet. provides VOIP phone solutions that enable your business to stay connected and sound professional. With customizable VOIP business phone systems and VOIP home phone systems, it's easy to find a VOIP solution to fit all your needs. Make it exactly what you want; you can communicate when you want, where you want, and how you want.

Send Calls to any Number or Phone using VoIP:
All incoming calls are automatically routed based on your customized settings in your account control panel. Calls can be routed to your phones based on the day, time or even the Caller ID of the incoming call. You're not limited to just phones, Using you can send calls to:

  • Voicemail - have your messages sent to you as an mp3 file
  • Custom greetings - create your own audio messages
  • Menus - make a set of options users can select
  • Your computers send and receive on your desktop and much more. VoIP provides lots of calling features for both Business and Home services. Get the technology and flexibility to setup a custom phone service for anyone who uses a phone. See the below included features from

Toll Free Numbers:
You can select a Toll Free number and can activate it instantly. Choose from 800, 888, 877, 866 and 855.

Local Numbers:
Select a local phone number in any area code in the US.

Global Numbers:
You can choose an international phone number from over 48 countries in the globe.

Extensions and Voicemail service:
Add unlimited extensions, each with voicemail, an address book and separate login information for individual management.

IP Phones and Devices:
You can choose your own device from Polycom, Cisco and Panasonic phones and devices.

Custom Greetings and Hold Music:
Record your company greeting or choose free professional pre-recorded hold music.

Conference Calls:
Host conference calls with up to 500 attendees using your own dedicated conference bridge number.

Caller Menus (IVR) and Queues:
Give your callers menu options to connect to your staff and departments by pressing a key on their keypad.

Fax - Send and Receive:
Send and receive faxes using your desktop. Incoming faxes are converted into a PDF files and emailed to you.

Standard Calling Features: includes some popular calling features including Forwarding, Blocking and Screening.

Premium Features provide from

Caller Analytics:
Incoming caller information collected and divided into 6 easy to use data categories like demographics, technology, behavior and social status.

Voicemail Transcription:
Read your voicemail rather than listen to the actual message. Have your voicemail messages transcribed from voice to text and emailed to you. Communicator:
Use your personal computer as a phone to place and receive calls using the next generation softphone application from

Premium Hold Music:
Choose from 5 Premium channels with hundreds of fully licensed and commercial free tracks by well known artists including The Beatles, Bob Marley, Jay Z and many more.

Call Recording:
Record all calls within your account or by individual phone number. Recorded calls are stored in your account and can be reviewed and saved anytime online.

Professional Recording Services:
Everything from script consultation, professional voice talent, licensed music, studio production and ongoing support.

iNum Global Numbers:
iNum are international numbers not tied to a country or city. Keep them wherever you want go in the world. iNums are reachable from a growing list of networks.

What do you need to use VoIP?
To use service, you'll need a computer to configure settings and an existing phone to receive your calls. You can also purchase an IP Phone or use our Communicator Softphone application. Certain features of service require the use of a high-speed Internet connection. Your account configuration will determine your needs.

You need a high speed Internet to:
Place and receive calls on a device (adapter or IP phone)
Place and receive calls using Softphone software
Edit your account settings in your control panel

You DON'T need high speed Internet to:
Receive forwarded calls on an existing phone (mobile, home, office, etc)
Route incoming calls according to your account settings.

Thanks a lot for reading this, for further details please visit:

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