Wednesday, April 3, 2013

About ollo Customer self care service

User Guide about the Web Self Customer Care from The below screenshots has been taken from the OLLO’s portal. Here are the simple steps about how to use ollo Self-care E-Service.

Step 1: If you are new on self-care service, please type your ollo customer ID and initial password as ollo123 and press the ‘Login’ button.

Step 2: For security purpose, after the first time login you must change your initial password first (Your password cannot be set as ollo123). Then you will get a confirmation message via your mail. Click on Home link to check the usage details.

Step 3: In this page you will get your past usage details, (validity, used or remaining volume etc) and you can change your password.

Step 4: To leave click on the Logout link.

Password Recovery:
If you forget password you can retain your password by clicking on link Can’t Access Account? at the login page.
After click on link Can’t Access Account on login page you will get the password recovery page. Where you can provide customer ID and after submission, password will automatically sent to your registered email address.

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