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Banglalink 3G Package Details

Banglalink 3G will allow valued customers to surf the internet with faster data speed even on the move with the superior HSPA connection. Banglalink 3G will bring to life the experience of mobile broadband on your 3G mobile phone/device. With banglalink 3G you can enjoy superior video streaming, download experiences, enhanced video calling, high-speed data transmission and accessing innovative 3G services on the mobile phone that will make your life smatter, exciting and efficient so you can do more on the go.

Video call using Banglalink 3G:
Surprise your dear ones with video calls! The service helps to connect both the caller and the receiver in such a way where you can see each other while having the conversation. all you need is 3G video calling enabled handsets and both of you need to be within 3G coverage area.

  • Banglalink subscribers availing 3G data packs will automatically become eligible for video calling.
  • Once ready, just enter a number or select a number from your phone book.
  • By selecting video call from your handset, the call is on.
  • You can also receive a video call as long as the caller is in 3G coverage area.
  • The video call may drop when a subscriber moves from 3G to 2G area.
  • Once you choose to make a video call, then video call tariff will be applicable as 50 paisa per 10 seconds.
  • This is applicable for banglalink to banglalink calls only within 3G coverage area.
  • 15% vat applicable.

Banglalink 3G provides value for money through the right experience; discover affordable packages from Banglalink below.

Promotional offer in banglalink 3G packs:
*all tariffs are limited time promotional offer.

Banglalink 3G packs:
*all tariffs are limited time promotional offer.

3G pack balance check: To check balance dial *222*3#

Terms & Conditions:

  • Above mentioned data packages’ tariff plan will be valid till further notice.
  • Subscribers will be able to enjoy the maximum speed of 1mbps.
  • The speed may vary subject to device compatibility, usage pattern and subscriber location, etc.
  • Subscribers will be charged at tk 0.01/10 KB once the quota (volume) finish before pack expires.
  • To find consumed quota (volume), subscribers need to dial *222*3#.
  • Data packs will have auto-renewal. to stop the package, dial *5000*6#.
  • Subscribers need to be within 3G coverage areas to enjoy the 3G speed.
  • 15% vat applicable.
  • To know more, dial 77666 (free)

Existing data packs in 3G: existing 2G data subscribers enrolled in the mentioned packages can also enjoy banglalink 3G internet as below:
*note: all items are subject to 15% vat in addition to the above mentioned charges.

For further details and latest promotion and updates of various packages please keep eyes on Banglalink.com.

Thanks a lot.

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Packages from Robi 3.5 G

Robi 3.5G is the enhanced version of 3G that offers higher mobile Internet speed of up to 21Mbps, while 3G offers mobile Internet speed of up to only 384Kbps. The average download data speed available is usually in the region of 1-3 Mbps. Robi 3.5G is the third generation of mobile communication technology that will allow customers to surf the Internet with speeds of more than three times faster than 2G technology.

With a 3G phone/device and access to the Robi’s 3.5G Technology, you can make video calls, watch live TV, access high speed Internet and enjoy live streaming at never before speeds! Below are some packages details offered from Robi 3G service:

Service Details:
Buy existing 2G Monthly Packs (i.e. 1GB, 3GB & 5GB), and get 1GB of 3.5G data for free (The offer is valid from 31st October onwards). Existing Robi user can also enjoy FREE 3.5G video call service for 1 (one) month, after migration to Robi 3.5G,

To avail Robi 3.5G Service:
Step 1: Dial *666*1#
Step 2: Purchase any of the 2G monthly data packs mentioned below in the screenshot:

Tariff Charges:

  • Enjoy 1GB of 3.5G Bonus Data for free with purchase of existing 2G monthly packs mentioned above.
  • Pay Per Use 3.5G Tariff:

Terms and Conditions / Important Note:

  • After expiration of Data Bundle Pack, subscribers will be charged BDT 0.01/10KB
  • If the registered 3G customers buy a 2G pack and latched on 3G network still he/she can use 2G data pack but the speed will be same as 2G.
  • Dial *8444*88# for data balance check.
  • Deactivation Code: *666*2#
  • To ensure smooth video call service, you need to have 3G video call enabled handset, and be within 3G network coverage too.

For further details and to know latest update about packages and promotions please visit web portal of Robi.

Thanks a lot.

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Banglalink 3G Package Details

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Bangladesh could show India the way in 3G - Forbes India

The Forbes India published an article on 3rd October, 2013 about 3G spectrum auction in Bangladesh. The 3G spectrum auction was held on Sunday, 8th September, 2013 at Ruposhi Bangla Hotel in the capital Dhaka, Bangladesh. The biggest operator in the country Grameenphone/GP bought 10MHz and the other three operators Robi, Airtel and Banglalink bought 5MHz each. The auction was concluded with just four calls, selling a total of 25MHz on the 2,100 band.

Dear Readers, the headline of the article was Bangladesh could show India the way in 3G. The article was written by Mohammad Chowdhury who is PwC India's Telecom, Media and Technology Industry Leader and a member of the global executive team. Read the article below or you can click the link to read the full article: Forbes India.

Absurd as it may seem, Bangladesh might soon lead India in the adoption of 3G: the spectrum is cheaper, 3G networks are ready to be rolled out and smart phones are more keenly priced.
Bangladesh held its first 3G spectrum auction in September. This was a much-awaited event, but one which lasted only a couple of hours. In contrast to the 3G e-auctions in India which lasted five weeks, Bangladesh’s was a simple shout-it-out affair held in a conference room at a five-star hotel in Dhaka. Grameen Phone, a subsidiary of Norway’s Telenor Group and the largest operator with over 40m subscribers, walked away with 10 MHz nationally for $210m, while Banglalink (a subsidiary of Russia’s Vimpelcom), Airtel (of India) and Robi (a subsidiary of Malaysia’s Axiata and NTT DoCoMo of Japan) took 5 MHz each, with each bidder paying $105m. Teletalk, the Government-owned operator, had been awarded spectrum earlier.
$525m was spent in all, which is about 1/30th the $15 billion spent in India’s 3G auction of 2010.  Given that India has 23 circles, roughly speaking the Bangladesh auction raised the amount represented by a single circle in India’s auction.  That represents comparatively good value, given that Bangladesh is a fast-growing market of 160m population and is equivalent to about three Indian circles, including one metro, as a telecoms market. Credit in part goes to the chief of the BTRC, Bangladesh’s telecom regulator, who made sure that the reserve price was reasonable and that Government’s fiscal concerns didn’t hijack the agenda.  This holds the Bangladesh auction in stark contrast to the heady fiscal objectives that were paramount in the Indian auctions held three years’ ago.
The bidders all got the spectrum they desired also, and the range of 5MHz to 10MHz taken contrasts to India where no operator found it worthwhile to take nationwide spectrum, and for the circles where they did, they only took between 4-5 MHz.  India remains relatively spectrum-starved for high-speed mobile data compared to most countries, including Bangladesh.
But cheaper access to spectrum, and more of it, is just two reasons why Bangladesh may outdo India’s lackluster beginnings in 3G. Consider the following:
Plug-and-Play: Operators claim that their equipment suppliers have installed 3G-ready networks, where engineers just need to insert a 3G card into a slot at the base station to enable the new spectrum to be used.  Indian operators had quite a lot of legacy network which could not be upgraded so easily.
  • Flat country: With the exception of a smidgeon of hill in Chittagong and Sylhet, Bangladesh is virtually flat. Roll-out cost will be less than in India, and signal quality is likely to be better.
  • Affordable devices: On a recent trip to Dhaka I used a Symphony dual-SIM handset manufactured in China but assembled locally and retailing for 5,000 Taka (INR 3,500).  Symphony has taken the market by storm and the current adoption of smart phones is rapid.  In India the price points are 50% higher.
  • One language: There is only one common written language in Bangladesh – Bengali – and therefore a likelihood that localized services will come up quicker than in India as application developers write for a unified market.  This compares to over a dozen indigenous languages, and countless variations and dialects across India.
  • Hunger for Internet: At less than 1% fixed broadband penetration, Bangladeshis are more Internet-starved than Indians.  The vast majority of the population has never had an Internet experience, but many have a curiosity to find out.  Bangladesh is a market even more ripe for the mobile Internet than India.
  • Latecomer Advantage: Bangladesh has what I refer to as the “t+” advantage.  It is t+3 years to 3G in India, t+6 to Malaysia, and so on.  Operators should be able to learn from the mistakes made elsewhere in pricing and network.
The first few reasons point to how initial adoption of 3G might be quicker, but the last three reasons indicate the potential for Bangladesh to outdo India in data services uptake altogether. Three years into India’s 3G story, data services usage is still only just picking up. Admittedly growth has been impressive this year with 3G usage doubling since last year. But this growth is on a small base, and is only at pace with smart phone penetration (which has also doubled in the past year). 
In other words, 3G usage is “rising with the tide”, and no operator is showing that it can outstrip handset penetration to show a true shift towards data services use by its customers.  Without industry-wide collaboration to drive significantly higher data use, and the widespread adoption of mobile-enabled services such as money transfer, the success of India’s data story cannot be assured.
Certainly Bangladesh’s preconditions seem to be positive for quick data services growth.  If money and other mobile-enabled services pick up, data usage could become a real long-term force for democratization.  This country may be minnows when it comes to sub-continental matters such as movie-making or cricket, but when it comes to 3G Bangladesh may just show its bigger neighbor the way.

Thanks a lot for reading the article.

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Banglalink 3G Package Details

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Offered 3G Packages from Grameenphone / GP

Grameenphone / GP 3G gives you a richer internet experience at a high speeds for your smart mobile devices. GP 3G is an all-new way to experience the fast paced, truly mobile lifestyle. User can upgrade to 3G on their existing GP SIM (Pre-paid / Post-paid) and explore the world class Grameenphone 3G network for optimum speed experience & full mobility. Grameenphone 3G services can be used in all types of devices (Smartphone, tablet & modem) as long as the device itself is 3G enabled.

Depending on your needs & device type, at present Grameenphone 5G service offers the following packages / value packs to choose from the two different speed tiers. These below offers are for limited time, so you are requested to keep your eyes open and for latest promotions and updates of 3G packages. For latest update browse Grameenphone website.

3G Packs Limited Time Promotional offers:

15% VAT and Auto Renewal applicable for the above packs
Beyond just high speed data packs, make video calls to your loved ones at BDT 1.2/ min (10 sec pulse applicable) only.

Terms & Conditions are as follows for the above mentioned packages:

  • Above mentioned tariff are limited time promotional offer and will be applicable till further notice.
  • To check remaining 3G data volume, dial *500*60# and to know the amount of used up volume dial *500*61#
  • Speeds tiers refer to maximum ceiling of the respective speed tier. Average likely speed will depend on multiple factors such as handset used, website visited, distance from BTS etc.
  • Extra usage fee of BDT 0.01/10KB applicable for volume based packs.
  • Fair Usage Policy (FUP) is applicable for Heavy Browsing (after 8 GB) & Smart Packs (after 1.5 GB).
  • In order to make a 3G video call, it is necessary that your handset have a front-camera and also have the video call feature. Video call does not use data channels on Grameenphone 3G network; however, separate per minute video call charge will be applicable.
  • To stop auto renewal feature, write “off” & send to 5000 number.
  • Only applicable for area which falls under 3G coverage zone in the country.

The following Tariffs will be applicable after promotional offers end:

3G Packs Regular Approved Price:

Please visit the website of Grameenphone for latest update and news.

Thanks a lot.

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