Thursday, August 12, 2010

iTel Call Through Dialer provide hassle free Calling Card use

Use calling card service by iTel call through dialer is more easy and reliable.

If your current calling card services take longer time to connect, not user friendly interface, the PIN number is long. If you can’t access your contact number directly from your cell phone contact list and you need to write down the numbers or memorize it, mistakes for entry and paying for delay. Higher call cost.

To avoid this kind of hassles, iTel call through dialer is the man solution for you. It will give you an experience of regular calling like your cell phone. This dialer is pre configures with coupled PIN and user does not need to enter same PIN every time. 

iTel call through dialer is best in the market for some of its important feature:
  • You can make your own brand as a service operator.
  • User does not need to remember the PIN number. 
  • PIN numbers are pre-configured, so client does not need to enter long PIN. 
  • User can dial their phone number directly from cell phone contact list. 
  • User satisfaction 
  • Lost cost comparatively to others. 
  • Call log and balance display on screen. 
  • Automated system calling card usage. 
  • Web, OTA, WAP can be used to distribute the software. 

    Most common branded handset like Nokia, LG, Samsung, Siemens, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, BenQ, iMate, Pantech, T-mobile, Vodafone and some others are supported. 

    How to use the Call through Dialer: 
    • First download the dialer from provided link and install it on your Handset. 
    • After installation run it, and it will ask you to configure Access number, PIN number and own phone number. 
    • You will see balance on the display, now enter your number or select from the phonebook 
    • Press call and start talking.

    Click to know more about iTel Call Through Dialer.

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