Sunday, November 11, 2018

Robot vs Human in the Workplace | WHO WILL WIN

Robots are now taking over the workplace of the human. According to Global Analyst McKinsey, analyzing 800 jobs in 46 countries across the world says, by 2030, 80 million jobs in the world will be left in the hands of robots. So now those who are studying at school and college or thinking about get admitted to the university. Be ready, Robots are coming, new challenges are coming!

In Dubai McDonald's there is no man to take an order. Customers can order and pay by themselves. This is the journey to the future! After few days the menu will probably be over the restaurant table. There you will order, pay and keep sitting. After cooking food in the kitchen robots will send food to your table!

Those who spend a lot of time on the Internet, but they are already facing robots identifying problems 'test of humanity'. By checking the box 'I'm not a robot' or by filling the captcha, you can verify that you are a robot or a computer program which is also a virtual robot! In the 1920s, Czech playwright Carle Chapek used the first word of robot in his RR drama, the 'unrestricted workers robots' rebelled and went down to wipe out mankind! There may still be a lot of time left for a man-made horror robot of science fiction. But in the meantime robots have become rivals in many places.

They have already replaced McDonald's in Dubai or many hotel cleaner jobs in China. The percent of working with robots will increase even more in the future. Think of Amazon's biggest store in the world. There are now only one hundred thousand robots! By the year 2019 this number could be more than one and a half million. The number of people workers in the Amazon warehouse is 1,25,000.

On one side the development of technology reduces employment. Before the rise of Silicon Valley in 1990, the market capitalization of the heavy industries capital Detroit was US$ 3,660 billion, the revenue was US$ 25 billion, and the number of workers was 1.2 million. In 2014, the market capitalization of the top three companies of Silicon Valley was US$ 1.19 billion.

Revenue is approximately US$ 24,700 billion but the number of workers is 10 percent only which is around 1,37,000 only. At the end of the first three months of 2018, the market capitalization of the top three companies of Silicon Valley doubled to US$ 2 trillion, but their number of workers did not double. Just a few years ago 55 employees created a Facebook software called WhatsApp Communication bought US$ 11 billion!

21-year-old Nisha Scott took a job in Amazon in 2016. His job was to fill items in small boxes from one place to another. Now she watches over three robots that do her work! After a few days maybe Nisha will be replaced by a robot. In this way robots are constantly entering our youth market. According to Global Analyst McKinsey, by analyzing 800 job analyzes in 46 countries, the world will have 80 million jobs by 2030, with the robot hand. Food operators like machine operators, cleaners, drivers, cashiers and McDonald's will lose the most jobs.

Who will survive this fight?

According to McKinsey's report, the tasks that are 'human' will survive. Caretakers, Health workers, Lawyers, Teachers, and even gardeners in gardens apart from this, a lot of new areas will be created where 'human interaction' will be needed more. For these, there will be three main weapons to survive - possessing critical thinking, problem solving skills and creativity.

Facebook is the only product in the history of human civilization, which uses by one third of the entire human race. A new workspace has been built based on social media. There a large group of people working in the field of marketing, communication etc will be active in the future. Some worker will sitting on the desk opening FaceBook as their job duty. As a result, the work of computer programmers will also increase. After two years in America and Europe, the number of 20 million programmers will remain vacant, and more than 60 million computer security experts will be required.