Thursday, December 5, 2013

Little about E-Commerce in Bangladesh

One of my friends wanted to buy a used reconditioned car in 2004. Together we met several sellers in various places across Dhaka city, we collected the information’s about the sellers from Newspapers, other’s references etc, finally he was able to buy a car from Car Haat, it took about a month.

This is a story before 10 years, but now situation has changed a lot due to the E-Commerce growths in Bangladesh. Lots of E-Commerce sites have already started their business in the country and are trying to provide their best services. Involvement of peoples is also increasing day by day in Online Shopping. This is happening due to the availability and easy use of internet in the country. Recent report says that the internet user in the country is more than 30 million and it’s increasing rapidly.

Before the year 2000, Bangladesh was in the dark ages of E-commerce, people did not even think about online shopping. But now, people are getting involved with this E-shopping practice to buy their daily needs, from potato/fish to car/apartment! Most of the e-commerce sites are easily accessible over the internet and they provide great deals on products, free shipping, door to door delivery services etc.

Some of the E-Commerce sites in Bangladesh are Carmudi, Cellbazar, Rokomari, Boi-mela etc.

Carmudi is a vehicle buying and selling E-Commerce site for Bangladesh's car market. This site provides a large selection of models of famous brands. Buyers can buy their desired car from private customer, professional car dealers, and even the local auto trader. Cellbazar is one of the oldest E-Commerce sites in Bangladesh which has started their operation in 2006 based on SMS and in 2007 it has started with their website. 

My friend brought a car in 2004 and it took about a month, but now using E-Commerce site like Carmudi anyone can buy a car from a number of vehicle listing and can make direct contact with the seller via email or phone. Seller makes their offers and buyers can find out the best offer in the site. Before buying a buyer can see almost every detail about the vehicle. This is the advantage of E-Commerce sites, wish if we found this site in 2004 we could save our money, time, we could save ourselves from hassles. 

The E-Commerce sites are leading to a significant change in the way we go about our daily lives. Recently, the first UK-Bangladesh E-commerce fair held in South West London, from September 7-9. Lots e-commerce-related organizations from both the UK and Bangladesh showcased their products and services in the fair.

Bangladesh is one of the large and growing markets in the world as population. The government is also taking some initiatives and various projects to build a digital Bangladesh which will make the country going fast and modern like western or developed countries in the world. The number of e-commerce sites here and the way it’s growing, tells us that e-commerce is going to stay for long and will make a revolution in the IT sector of Bangladesh.

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