Friday, August 27, 2010

Google introduce integrated Voice Call Service in Gmail

Google has introduced its new voice service in Gmail, its  about VoIP calling. Any Gmail user can make and receive VoIP call directly from his/her inbox. If you didn’t already get this service message in your inbox, don’t worry its coming.

To user Google VoIP Voice Service from your inbox just install the free Voice and Video Chat plugin  to your Gmail account. Follow the simple instructions graphically shown to you. You can start calling within a minute.

This new voice service is totally integrated with Gmail account. It provides free VoIP call to anywhere in US and Canada and at a flexible and low rate to other countries worldwide. Google offer this free service for US and Canada will be continue this year and other country rates will be low. Robin Schreibman (Software Engineer at Google) said, in future the rate to Germany, France, UK, China, Japan and other countries will be as little as 0.02 US $. This is a new and steps for google in VoIP.

To start dialing in any phone number from Gmail is very simple and easy. When you got enabled this service in your inbox just follow the simple steps:
Click – "Call Phone" (A dialing box will appear)

If you already have a chat list, just dial a number or enter a contacts name. If you have already Google Voice number, this number will display as the outbound caller ID. 

Select the country you want to make VoIP call and type the rest numbers of the Cell Phone or Land Phone number and make VoIP Phone call...

Gogole has taken on the rivals like Vonage, Skype, and others. Let see who can survive in the voice service.

See Google Voice Blog for more details.

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