Friday, August 6, 2010

gPlex Hosted SoftSwitch - for Small or Medium VoIP Business

gPlex SoftSwitch is a comprehensive and scalable SIP SoftSwitch which enables establishment of secure and reliable Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) networks. gPlex offers flexible routing, centralized authentication and reliable billing. It is comprised of RTP Proxy, SIP Signaling, CDR, NAT Traversal, Billing, IVR, Voice Logging, and High Availability (HA).
A standard gPlex hosted SoftSwitch system can handle up to 2,000 simultaneous calls and it is easily scalable to 40,000 simultaneous calls with carrier edition. The High Availability (HA) feature provides robust redundancy to ensure that calls never get interrupted in the event of power failure or hardware. Using gPlex SoftSwitch, service providers can benefit from improved call completion rates, less revenue leakage, and improved network security and availability.

Features of gPlex Hosted SoftSwitch:

  • SIP & H.323 protocol
  • User-friendly web interface
  • Web panel for Master user, User & Sub-user
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Redundant IP network in hot-standby mode
  • Redundant power supply with duel power drop
  • Intelligent routing
  • SIP / H.323 protocol conversion
  • 24x7 support and free upgrades of new releases
  • Free training program for engineers, assistance with initial system configuration

High Availability (HA)
gPlex - HA module, offers virtually 100% uptime which ensure high network availability. It can be configured with gPlex - HA module on a backup server which provides true reflect of master gPlex SoftSwitch. HA server will take over all running calls within fraction of a second in the event of hardware or power failure. Thus user of gPlex-HA will never misplace billing.

High Scalability
gPlex SoftSwitch is offered in standard and carrier editions to meet the capacity needs of rising and established telecoms and service providers respectively. The standard edition of gPlex SoftSwitch supports up to 2,000 concurrent calls and carrier edition can handle up to 40,000 concurrent calls in full RTP proxy mode.

Multiple Routing
gPlex SoftSwitch has central and local routing capability. Central routing offers Least Cost Routing (LCR), ASR Routing, Priority Routing, Preferred Routing, and Route Fail-Over features. gPlex enables providers to select the most money-making and best quality routes for individual calls and helps increase call completion rates that translates into high revenues and earnings.

Enhanced RTP Proxy
gPlex SoftSwitch performs RTP Proxy for all calls and monitor each RTP packet to detect one way calls, hung or dead  calls. On detection gPlex terminates those types of calls immediately and sends messages to billing server to ensure accurate billing.

Topology Hiding
gPlex SoftSwitch can securely separate their VoIP networks from the outside IP world. It can act as a traffic proxy between Termination network and Origination network, and it prevent outsiders from seeing the true topology of the protected network.

Auto Route Switching
gPlex SoftSwtich offers route switching capabilities to ensure higher call completion rates and reduced revenue loss. It monitors all endpoints in real-time and automatically pulls off routes in the event of quality parameters like ASR, ACD, and PDD falling below acceptable values preset by system administrators.

For medium and small size VoIP telephony service providers and resellers who want to enjoy carrier grade VoIP SoftSwitch with limited budget. gPlex Hosted SoftSwitch started from 100 channel to 1000 channel for them. This is very user-friendly web-interface for flexible routing, reliable billing, and real-time monitoring. User can handle everything using cell phone data network.

gPlex Hosted SoftSwitch offer various Packages. For more details visit the following sites:

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