Sunday, August 8, 2010

iTel Mobile Dialer – A pioneer VoIP solution in Bangladesh

A Mobile dialer is a software that user can make VoIP phone calls directly to other Cell phone or PSTN numbers from his/her Cell phone using internet. iTel Mobile Dialer is one of the best Mobile Dialer in Bangladesh.

The main specification of this mobile dialer is its best performance in low bandwidth and behind NAT. SIP protocol of this dialer handled by its SIP stack. For its NAT and firewall traversal using STUN supporting, clients can make VoIP phone calls behind the firewall using it.

It is very much compatible with almost SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) switch and Gateways. This mobile dialer can enhance the quality of sound using appropriate codec because it has competent implementation of Jitter Buffer which helps to the voice running smoothly. 

Some important features of iTel Mobile Dialer:
  • User friendly interface designed that user can operate easily.
  • SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) signaling support.
  • It supports G711, G729 and GSM codec system to sending audio data.
  • This mobile dialer works on private IP or behind NAT.
  • Using IVR customer can hear credit balance anytime.
  • For internet connectivity iTel Mobile Dialer supports WiFi, 3G, GPRS and Bluetooth.
  • This software runs on windows 5 and 6 or Symbian OS based mobile Handset.
  • This dialer is very much easy to install and use. Client can download the software directly form the given IP. After installation he does not need to configure it. He just has to input PIN.
  • Any kind of hosted Softswitch that support SIP, iTel mobile dialer can use efficiently with those.
  • This dialer has been designed specially keeping in mind the needs of operators.

iTel Mobile Dialer is not just a software that can help user to make VoIP phone calls, operator can make a brand of their own service as an operator.

Due to availability of GPRS, 3G and WiFi service in many countries, calling through IP (VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol) is going to be more popular day by day. For those who want to start their own VoIP business today than iTel Mobile Dialer can be the easy and efficient way to do that.


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