Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Class 5 VoIP Softswitch - Total VoIP Business solution

For successful implementations of various VoIP related services, VoIPSwitch is a complete IP telephony platform that integrates all the elements into one comprehensive solution.
Functional specification of Hosted SoftSwitch:
A SoftSwitch is the main elements of the platform. It merges the functionality of the following elements:
  • SIP Proxy
  • SIP registrar
  • H323 gatekeeper
  • H323 switch
  • SMS gateway

Supported protocols for VoIPSwitch:
  • H323 v.2 (H225 v4 and H245 v7) with or without FAST START.
  • SIP (RFC 3261)
  • SMS through HTTP, SIP and SMPP.

Main characteristics of VoIPSwitch include:
  • Transparent and Simultaneous support for H323 and SIP protocols (sip <->h323 translator)
  • Support various types of proxy methods like, Signaling proxy, Full proxy (with RTP-proxy) and others, possibility of selecting a proxy method per destination, route or per client.
  • Full interoperability with industry standards compatible VoIP equipments (Switches, Gateways, Terminals and ATA etc).
  • Bi-directional NAT support both for H 323 and SIP equipments.
  • Routing based on Priorities per routes, Prefixes, depending on allowed voice codec per destination
  • Highly developed routing system (support for virtual prefixes allowing to create separate dialing plans to handle different groups of accounts)
  • Rerouting Support (failover), configurable end reasons initiating failover, support based on priorities.
  • Advanced algorithm to handle traffic being evenly distributed according to defined percentages for multiple routes, which is called Load Sharing Support.
  • Least calls routing and Quality routing
  • Internal numbering plans support.

VoIPSwitch supports various authentication methods:
  • By caller ID (ANI)
  • By IP address
  • By SIP credentials
  • By H323 ID
  • PIN

Call setup data modifications method for Clients, for destination in the dialing plan: 
  • Modifying dialed number, adding prefixes or suffixes, wild cards, maximum or minimum number length.
  • Modifying caller ID / SIP display.
  • Defining allowed and primary codec for clients and terminators
  • Codec auto negotiation
  • Import and export dialing plan and accounts from and to .excel or .txt file.
  • Strong database using MSSQL or MySQL.
  • Scalability supported cluster configuration with numerous VoipSwitch instances running connected in a cluster, sharing SQL database server, thus increasing performance by dividing the traffic among multiple servers while retaining central point of management with one, main IP address for clients (load balancing)
  • Redundancy support for seamless traffic handover in case of the main server failure, the service allows for controlling availability of particular ports (SIP, H323 listeners) real-time SQL data backup.

IP Telephony features:
  • Hold function
  • Music on hold
  • Do not disturb
  • Call transfer: blind and attended
  • Follow me / Find me (based on caller ID of incoming calls), sequential or ring to all
  • Voicemail boxes with personalized voice greetings for different caller IDs
  • Hunt / Ring groups

Unified messaging:
  • Voicemail to email with attachment (Mp3)
  • Voicemail notification via SMS or email
  • Voicemail transcription to SMS
  • SMS forwarding (internal SIP SMS forwarding to other GSM numbers)

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