Sunday, September 19, 2010

Make VoIP phone calls using GizmoCall

Like Google Voice, Skype, Yahoo etc you can make free VoIP phone calls using GizmoCall from your computer. To start free calling today using GizmoCall is simple and easy because:

  • You don’t need to install any kind of software or dialer
  • 100 % free calling to 1 to 800 numbers and SIP devices.
  • Lowest calling rate through worldwide in Landlines and Mobiles

What do I need to use GizmoCall:
An internet connected computer with standard browser that support Flash Player version 9 or higher.  A headset connected to computer for optimum call quality. To start with sample calls dial 1-800-555-8355 and speak a category or use the keypad to type the first 3 letters of a selection.


Free Calls:
You can make free Phone calls to other GizmoCall users, Gizmo5 users, 800 numbers, or SIP address for absolutely free of charge. Read this guide to see more details about free call list that you can make.  To make VoIP phone calls to other Cell phone and Land Phone numbers in a suitable and attractive low rates you can buy credit from GizmoCall. Click here to buy credit today.


Some other features of GizmoCall:
User can receive calls from other GizmoCall users. After login other user can make voice calls directly to you. As long as GizmoCall is open in any browser or window or in the background, user will be able to receive a call.

To check the Microphone attached to your computer Click the "Test" icon below the numeric keypad and simply follow the directions. Use the Speaker Sliders and Microphone to set the best settings.

You can configure a Caller ID displays your mobile, Home or Office numbers which will help others to identify your call. It will cost an extra charge of $4.

Following problems you can face during installing or using GizmoCall. For any kind of troubleshooting visit

  • The audio is not working properly when placing a call
  • The voice quality is faint or barely audible.
  • There is an echo during making a call.
Visit the troubleshooting page of to know more details about other errors and troubleshooting.


You can add the calling to your web page or blog by adding a simple embaded code.

There are lots of other free VoIP calling services on the internet. Find out your favorite one and start free VoIP calling today.

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