Thursday, September 23, 2010

Stay connected to the whole world using fring add-ons

Maximize the power of your mobile handset while communicating with friends and family, listening to music, chatting (text or voice) via MSN, Google Talk, Yahoo, ICQ, FaceBook, Twitter or other social sites. Fring add-ons are cool web applications that will help you to utilize the maximum use of your handset with internet connection.

  • No download needed like other mobile applications. 
  • These add-ons are selected from a continually growing catalogue that updated automatically each time you logged in using you fring user-name and password.
  • Some fring add-on requires accounts to be setup outside of fring first.

You can register add-ons in two ways from your handset:
  1. Check the add-ons tab on your fring screen opens after logged in.
  2. Go to Options and click Add-ons.

Stay connected to you MSN contacts always. It does not matter whether you are not in your PC. You can write messages, voice chat or share files with your MSN contacts directly from fring.

You can add your yahoo contacts to your fring contact list. See who is online or offline, share, chat and talk to them using fring.

You can add your GTalk contacts directly to your fring contact list, see your friends are online or not. Chat, talk, send messages and share files with them.

ICQ user can also add their contacts to fring contact list. Talk, send instant messages to your ICQ contacts from fring.


You can talk with your GSM contacts at a reduced rate by choosing your preferred SIP provide. To see list of some recommended SIP providers by fring, click here.

Add your AIM contacts to your fring contact list, see who is online or offline. Chat, talk and send messages with them.

If you have got an iPhone, than you can view your friends updates on facebook using stream features of your iPhone. You can also make comments, post on your wall from fring.

Update your micro blog, post your own twit and get updates about other twits you follow directly from fring.

You can access all hotspots around you for free. Get a reasonable mobile internet experience in you local area or while you travel (roaming) abroad. You can locate WiFi hotspot place automatically using the GPS (Global Positioning System) function of your handset.

Read more about fring.

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