Sunday, October 10, 2010

Android users can make calls and send IMs using Skype

Android supported handset users can now download skype on their mobile phone. Skype has finally released their much awaited version for a wide range of Android supported handsets. 

Android user can now:
Make free Skype - to - Skype calls.
Can receive and send IM (Instant Messages)
Can make phone calls to any international number in a cheap and reliable rates.

If you are already an existing Skype user, you don't need to worry! Just download Skype on your Android supported handset and sign in with your existing User-name and Password, you will see all your saved contact list. Make free skype calls, send IMs and make phone call all over the world as you did from your PC or others handsets.

How to get Skype on Android:
  • Minimum requirement to download Skype on Android version handsets:
  • The version must be 2.1 or above.
  • 3G or WiFi mobile internet.
  • At least 72 MB of free memory in Handset.
  • The processor of handset must be at least 600 Mhz or more.
  • Standard screen resolution.

It's absolutely free to download skype.
Go to skype from your handset, enter to the Android Market and download skype available version on your handset.....

Skype is now installed in your handset.

Run skype and start talking and sending Instant Messages to your friends and family.

Based on the phone language settings Skype for Android is currently available in the following languages:

For other language supported handsets, Skype will appear in English as default.

There are some restrictions mentioned in
1. Skype is not available in the Android market in China and Japan.
2. Skype has mainly tested on Motorola and HTC devices with 2.1 version. So Skype does not guarantee full functionality in other Android OS supported handsets in the market except HTC and Motorola.
3. Using skype is free in WiFi zone but in other mobile connection zone its not free.
4. Users around USA can only make calls using WiFi connection.
For more information about Skype on Android go to

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