Monday, October 4, 2010

The fastest growing VoIP service providers in US - Vonage

Vonage provide VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone calling services to its subscribers which are routed through Broadband Internet connection. Vonage is one the most popular and fastest growing VoIP telephone service provider in the United States.

Vonage is also provides VoIP service in UK, Canada and many other countries around the world. This VoIP phone calling service is going to be more and more popular day by day around the world due to its low and competitive prices ans some other special features. Now vonage is a competitive of Skype, Google Voice, Yahoo and some other popular VoIP phone calling services.

Some special features of Vonage VoIP providers include:
  • Pure Voice quality
  • Local and international long distance call support
  • Competitive and lower Rate
  • Free calling service in many countries.
  • Caller ID like regular landlines
  • Call waiting service
  • Voice mail service
  • Call forwarding
  • Client can keep their old number
And some others…

Vonage needs a broadband internet connection (High speed internet - DSL) to get the maximum performance. Two option to get Vonage VoIP Service:
Option-1: Buy an analogue telephone adaptor from Vonage, through which will connect the regular phone to computer. With this user can use their regular phone as a traditional landline.


Option-2: Install a softphone (software) application on the computer and user can make calls from directly from their computer through high speed internet connection.

Vonage is regularly offering various calling plans for users. To see the latest offer from Vonage just go to

It also offers free VoIP call in many countries which include cellular phone numbers. The rate is very much reliable and low comparatively with other popular VoIP phone calling service in US and other countries.


  1. how can i use demo to check quality
    Regards maria
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  2. No doubt vonage is a well known phone company but i don't think the honeymoon will go on forever. A number of new vendors have already started their service. Many of them provide much better voip home phone service than vonage.

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