Saturday, January 15, 2011

Become a Global VoIP Provider

Now a day VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is one of the fastest growing and popular global telecommunication businesses around the world. You to can be part of this uprising and profitable business, everything you need some equipments and software to get you up and generating revenue quickly.

There are two types of billing system, Postpaid and prepaid. Prepaid Billing is the most popular type for VoIP service providers. Client pays advance payments and issue your own low cost personalized cards with PIN numbers.

The software for VoIP provide you with most everything you need including
Billing Software, VoIP gateways, and GSM cellular gateways, Softswitch etc.

Start your own Business:

Determine where you want to originate and terminate your VOIP traffic:
• For origination areas, try to choose some place that you know or reside in
• For termination areas, this may be less important since you will most likely utilize another service provider’s network
• Try to pick areas with known expensive long distance rates or telephone company controlled areas

Determine the amount of calls you will be making daily 
• Since you are most likely just starting out, your should start as small as possible to minimize up front expenses and learn the system.
• You can start with a small system of just (4) analog voice lines or a single
E1/ T1/ PRI digital line on your VoIP gateway.
• Pulse has Tenor systems capable of scaling to (32) E1/T1/PRI digital lines in a single chassis or GSM cellular access
• A good rule of thumb is (1) voice line for every (5) customers

Order your Internet connection 
• The size of your Internet connection is based the maximum number of calls you will be making at one time.
• Each call takes about 13-16kbps of bandwidth. If you will be making (8) simultaneous calls, you will need at least a 128kbps DSL or Cable modem connection. You may also get a T1 or E1 internet connection, but they are typically much more costly.
• Ask us about optional Packet Saver software for the Tenor VoIP gateways, we may be able to cut your Internet bandwidth needs in half.
• When ordering your internet connection you will need to order a STATIC IP address or a PUBLIC IP address.
• When ordering your internet connection make sure you get the required bandwidth in both directions. Some connections are slower in one direction.

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