Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Frequently Asked Questions about VoIPSwitch - Part 2

What else do I need apart from voipswitch?

Windows based hosted server is the basic requirement to run VoipSwitch software. The package from does not offer any Hardware, Server or Operating system. So if you want to buy a SoftSwitch you need your own or rented server, all elements should arranged by yourself. The support team will only just install the software on your server and configure the whole system remotely.

Details about some recommended hardware and supported operating systems can be found on Setup can be done at your own place or at a rented server from hosting companies. Many hosting company give better support and high quality internet connection. These companies give service in monthly rent.

With regards to the required internet Bandwidth (B/W) it depends on the number of concurrent calls (CC), used proxy methods and Codec. It takes usually one or two working days to complete the whole process. After completion of installation just need the access permission and details to provide after sales service for one year.

PSTN gateway
In most cases you don’t need any PSTN gateways to run your own hosted VoipSwitch Software as the whole range of scenario can be deployed without having your own equipment. The calls collected from VOIP clients (using Mobile Dialer, PC Dialer, Call back Dialer, Calling card and other calling methods) can be terminated directly through VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) carriers and sent to them over Internet. And it does need any physical connected link.

But the only exception is if you want to offer call termination through local PSTN Telecoms and for this the only way to connect is through E1 / T1 connectivity interface (or sometimes GSM or analogue lines). For this kind of implementations you will need a gateway which will provide the required interface. Its role will be limited and it will only convert PSTN to VOIP or VOIP to PSTN. VoipSwitch will control the rest of the process.

The VoipSwitch Softswitch is compatible with all SIP and H323 compliant gateways like Quintum, Cisco and others. Similarly is in origination services like Calling Cards.

The system can work with DIDs, like Virtual phone numbers delivered through internet directly from provider to VoipSwitch. For example if you want to establish a local access number in USA than you need to first rent a local phone number in your desired geographical location (toll free or national number) and have required number of channels associated with the number. When your customers dial the number their calls will be forwarded through Internet to your VoipSwitch which in turn will carry out the programmed IVR scenario.

This IP (Internet Protocol) based approach in the IVR module allows for easy use of multiple access numbers in various geographical locations without high capital expenditures in equipment.

If still for some reasons you have to connect to local Telecom companies in order to setup an access number than the requirement is: you need a gateway with proper physical interface like E1/T1, Analogue, GSM etc.

The gateway does not have to support IVR systems, it should be configured in the way that all incoming calls through PSTN are converted to voip and then forwarded them to VoipSwitch. Then it is VoipSwitch which plays voice prompts, asks for PIN (or authorize by ANI) and carry out the whole procedure.

More about the IP IVR system can be found HERE.

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  1. With hosted PBX user can save huge office space use for housing the PBX box.

  2. IVR is already a nice feature to utilize. But making it IP capable is a great way to make it more useful in different applications.