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Fair Usage Policy - BanglaLion WiMAX

This post is about a little description about the Fair Usage Policy of Banglalion WiMax Internet services. The information’s has been taken from the web portal of Banglalion Wimax. So, if you have further question regarding this matter please visit their portal.

Any type of usage by few customers which negatively influence overall bandwidth availability for the rest of customer will be considered as breach of Fair Usage Policy. Some of the major conditions of Fair Usage Policy but not limited to, are as follows:
  • Excessive or frequent use of file sharing software, download of large size file or streaming videos which throttle network capacity (see the screenshot below)
  • Consistent pattern of abusive data volume consumption for Unlimited / King Packages (see the screenshot)
  • Data consumed is far more than (i.e. five times) the average downloads per subscribers on the network for similar package
  • Use of consumer / residential packages for commercial usage (further reselling of broadband service). As per law our service is for end user and thereby reselling of this consumer / residential service is not allowed.
  • Use the broadband for such service which are prohibited by regulatory authority or by the law of the land (i.e. VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol)

What will happen if I EXCEED FAIR USAGE:
Banglalion Communication Limited may reduce the transmission speed of broadband connection according to the following table for subscribers who abuse the use of BCL services. In the event a subscriber’s usage exceeds the regular acceptable levels during peak hours* (generally 10:00 pm to 04:00 am), the broadband connection will NOT be cut off. However, BCL may adjust the broadband connection data transfer rates in order to ensure the quality of services for all regular customers.

During peak hours* (generally 10:00 pm to 04:00 am) if a subscriber’s usage exceeds the limit mentioned in the table below, Fair Usage Policy will be applied in the following manner:
  • Bandwidth will be throttled down to half of the respective package.
  • Bandwidth will be restored to regular bandwidth again on the following morning at 6:00 am.
  • The usage limit mentioned in the following table ensures maximum usage according to corresponding bandwidth allocated for each plan.

  • Peak hour duration may change with the change of network traffic pattern.
  • For users suspected of VoIP or any other illegal online activity according to the laws of the land, BCL might be forced to suspend the service of those users and / or possibly close those accounts.
Thanks for reading this. For more info please visit BanglaLion WiMAX.

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