Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Qubee WiMax Internet Service from Augere

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In this post I am going to tell you a little about another 4G WiMax Internet service in Bangladesh from Augere Wireless Broadband Bangladesh Limited (AWBBL). As per the info provided in the web portal of Qubee, the AWBBL is a public limited company by shares registered on July 02, 2008 and incorporated in Bangladesh licensed from the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC), AWBBL is engaged in the business of providing broadband wireless access and related services in Bangladesh under the name and style of “QUBEE”.

WiMax is an inherently secure 4G internet technology with encryption and authentication performed automatically. QUBEE is one of the leading broadband 4G WiMax internet service providers in Bangladesh. Qubee offers a fast and reliable broadband internet service with tariffs available to suit everyone’s needs. Being just over 2 year old, Qubee is constantly trying to hear from their customers and discovering more that they could value.

Coverage Area:
QUBEE now operates in Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet. You can see the latest coverage area of Qubee in the country by clicking HERE. If the service coverage of Qubee doesn't currently include your home or business area, you are requested to checking on the web portal or just keep your eyes open, you will see ads on newspaper and other media. The Qubee network is growing all the time. They also have plans to expand the service into other cities of Bangladesh.

Qubee says:
  • To make your journey better with us, our engineers check each installation, to make sure you have network coverage before we sell our connection to you.
  • Apart from being the first to launch 4G, we brought the first Pre Pay Internet in Bangladesh and we are the first to provide wireless broadband at less than 500 BD Taka.
  • More than 150,000 QUBEE users consume over 20% of total bandwidth in Bangladesh.
  • QUBEE is also the first corporate brand in Bangladesh to have more than 100,000 Facebook fans and growing.
  • At QUBEE, we are dedicated to continuously provide uninterrupted internet experience using WiMAX technology, which is a latest 4G wireless solution.
  • We are not just making the internet work; we are making it work beautifully. And at the core of our company, we strongly believe this technology can be yours to bring delight to your everyday life.

Some features of services:
  • Qubee has a range of packages for residential and businesses users.
  • Qubee use WiMAX technology which means that you receive internet service wirelessly. 
  • Qubee doesn't have to rely on infrastructure which could become old and corroded. This helps to provide a faster, more reliable service.
  • Data Speed will depend on the service that you choose to subscribe to, but speeds of up to 2Mbps are available.
  • Qubee can be used with most computers and operating systems.
  • Now with various convenient ways to choose from, recharging your account just got a great deal easier. All you have to do is pick the one that suits you best, and Qubee will take care of the rest.Visit various Payment Solution page for all solutions.
  • You can connect more than one computer with QUBEE service. QUBEE has three options for you to set-up a private WiFi network where you can use more than one devices.You can use QUBEE TOWER, GIGASET + WiFi ROUTER or QUBEE POCKET WiFi to create your own WiFi network.

In the next post I will discuss about various packages from Qubee. If you want to know more details please visit their web portal or make a call to the number, +8802-8959911 on 24/7. That's all for today in this post. Thanks a lot.

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