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Internet Data Services from Airtel BD

This post is about the various Internet settings and packages from the Airtel Bangladesh. Access the internet using GPRS / EDGE network of Airtel and stay connected to the information super highway anytime, anywhere.

At present, there are three ways to access the internet using Airtel connection.
  1. Surf the internet directly from your handset, either through WWW or through WAP depending on your handset compatibility.
  2. You can use your Airtel Handset as a modem and connect it to a PC via USB cable / IrDA / Bluetooth etc
  3. You can insert your Airtel SIM card in an EDGE PC Data card and use the card with your laptop / desktop.
1. Using Mobile Internet on your Phone:
To use Mobile Internet there are certain steps you need to follow:
  • Step-1: You need to have a GPRS/MMS compatible handset.
  • Step-2: Your handset needs to be configured for GPRS/EDGE.
As soon as you insert an Airtel SIM card in your handset for the first time, it will automatically initiate a handset configuration request. If you have a GPRS / EDGE compatible handset, you will soon receive an SMS notification for each of the settings (MMS, WAP, INTERNET etc). To avail these services, you just have to save the settings in your handset after receiving via SMS. In case your handset prompts for a password please enter 1234. If you have incidentally not saved these settings, simply go to your Airtel menu to receive these settings through SMS. As soon as you saved the settings, you will be ready to surf the internet using pay-as-you-go GPRS / EDGE package from Airtel.

2. Using Mobile Internet on your PC:
You can also use your Airtel SIM with your computer and laptop to access the internet. Just follow the simple steps below:

Using your mobile phone as a modem:
Connecting your GPRS / EDGE phone to a laptop / desktop allows the phone to function as a wireless data modem, bringing internet to your PC. There are a number of ways in which you can connect your handset to your computer to make it works like a modem:

a. Bluetooth:
Some mobile phones, laptops and PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) come with built-in Bluetooth. You can pair both your mobile phone and the laptop/PDA for connectivity communication. This gives you the comfort of being connected cable-free

How to use Bluetooth for Connectivity:
  • Step 1: Turn Bluetooth on in your mobile menu (for some models, you may need to turn on the search mode as well)
  • Step 2: Look for "My Bluetooth place” in your computer. Select “Add Bluetooth Device” and add your mobile phone
  • Step 3: Start setting up the modem.
b. Infrared:
Nowadays, most of the mobile phones support Infrared Port (IR-Port) connections. When an IR-port compatible handset is aligned to a PC or laptop, it allows for the two devices to communicate among each other without the use of wires.

How to use Infrared for Connectivity:
  • Step 1: Turn the IR-port on in your mobile phone from your menu options, and also in the laptop
  • Step 2: Place your phone close to your computer (generally up to 1 meter)
  • Step 3: Start setting up the modem.
* Please remember that, for most of the cases, the infrared connection is limited up to 1 m and the mobile device has to be placed within line of sight of the computer.

c. USB Cable:
It is also possible to connect your mobile phone to your computer using USB (or serial) cables. Sometimes, these cables are included with your handset package; if not, these cables can be purchased separately from most electronic stores.

How to use USB Cable for Connectivity:
  • Step 1: Connect your mobile phone to your computer with the USB cable
  • Step 2: Start setting up the modem
Setting up the modem:
For USB and Infrared set-ups:
After your phone has been connected to your computer using USB / IR-port the operational system in your computer will find a new device and will automatically set it up as a modem. In these cases, the operational system will set up the needed software (drivers) by itself.  However, it is possible that some additional software might need to be installed to complete the process. In this case, you can get the required software from the compact discs which are supplied with your mobile phone, or drivers you can download them from the website of your handset company.

For Bluetooth set-ups:
For mobiles that have been set-up using Bluetooth, the Bluetooth adapter program will add the new modem to the system). After this has been done, you need to set up the remote connection

3. Using a Data Card as a modem:
An EDGE PC Data Card is an alternative solution that you can use to insert your Airtel SIM in your laptop and bring internet connectivity to your computer! Most laptops come with Data Card slots. The Data Card slot is generally located on the left or right hand side of your laptop, and will generally have two available locations for the cards to be connected. As you can see in the below picture, the card has to be inserted in the laptop horizontally.

Remote Connection:
Go to these following options in your computer:

Start > All Programs > accessories > Communications > New connections wizard > 
Select “Connection to Internet”, press “Next”, select “Setup connection manual”, “Through modem”

  • Select the “Connect to internet / Connectivity” option that will appear in your computer screen to connect to the internet
  • A connection icon will be displayed in the Task Bar of your PC, confirming that you have been connected to the net!
Thanks for reading.For further info please visit the web portal of Airtel BD.

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