Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Solar Electric Scooter - Future Vehicle

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The 21st Century is the age of Advanced Technology. The World is moving fast due to the technological development in various sectors. Some Advanced / Cutting Edge Technologies bringing some new and impressive equipment which are making our life easier and safer.

This is the first post in this blog about some new Cutting Edge Technologies. Hope that I will post regularly in this blog NEWS and REVIEWS about some Cutting Edge Technologies. The topic of today’s post is the SES - Solar Electric Scooter, which is a single persons vehicle designed for short range urban travel.  It has gone through multiple design cycles to come up with the perfect balance of sleek design and efficiency. The SES is developed by the brilliant team at Solar Electric Scooters, Inc. USA.

A little about the SES:
  • The Solar Electric Scooter has two wheels, front and rear and the operator stands on a platform approximately eight inches off the ground.
  • In the front there is an adjustable goose neck with handlebars on top.
  • There is a twist grip throttle on the right and hand brake levers on each side that operate the disc brakes on both wheels.
  • The platform that the operator stands on is a Solar Electric Panel.
Electrical power is stored in a “state of the art” Lithium Ion battery located under the platform.  The battery can be charged three ways:
  1. Leave the scooter in the sun and it will automatically charge “sun up”.
  2. Remove the battery and connect it to an external charger that plugs into any power outlet in your houses or work places.
  3. Pull the retractable cord out of the control box and plug into any standard power outlet When you drive an SES you are part of the solution to making the world a better place.

Some features of the SES:
  • Speed gets Zero to Fifteen mph (0 to 15) in 3.7 seconds, now that’s pretty impressive.
  • 20 mile range after full charging.
  • Speed is 15 (fifteen) mile per hour.
  • No insurance.
  • No registration.
  • No license.

On the site the company gave an example about how you can save your money. You can pay for your SES in the money you save on gas, insurance and the cost of parking. Such as, if a student at a Southern California university were to use the SES instead of a car and commute to and from school a distance of 4 miles and make that trip 4 times a week, the savings in gas, insurance and parking will cover the cost of the scooter in one school year, (nine months).

Please go the web portal of the inventor of this New Technology for further details, Solar Electric Scooter Inc.

Thanks a lot for reading this post.

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