Monday, April 18, 2011

Level-2 Reseller or User Management in gPlex

Creating Level-2 reseller or User account in gPlex Switch is easy. Level-2 reseller can be created from Level-3 reseller. Take a look at the following steps:

Creating New User:
  • From your Level-3 homepage click on the Create User link at the left side.
  • Enter all details information in the required fields.
  • On the User field type reseller user name / login.
  • Password and retype Password and Name on the next three fields.
  • Select Account Type - Prepaid or Postpaid.
  • Enable Create Sub User means that you are permission to Level-2 reseller to create Level-1 reseller or Sub user. If you disable it than the user won't be able to create any Level- reseller.
  • Enable Generate card option to give permission to the User to generate new card / PIN.
  • Zero Bill CDR - Keep it Y.
  • Free Seconds - Apply for only when call get connected.
  • Set Pulses (F. ulse, N. Pulse) for the reseller.
  • Provide your user Secret. This secret will be the user's own secret. Provide this secret code to your user that he can create sub user or generate PIN.
  • Finally click on the Create User button to finalize the creation.
(Click on the following screen shot o enlarge)

Edit User Account:
  • Click on Edit User Profile. The following screen will appear.
  • Here you will see the list of all users.
  • Click on the User Name you want to edit.
Here you will see all remaining balance of all user account. Password and Secret for every reseller account can be change from here.

After Clicking on the User Name you will be taken to the following screen.
User Name can't be edited. Except it other information's can be changed. Change whatever you want to. Rate plan can also be change or extra rate plan for same user can be added. Click on the Add button beside Rate Plan. After successful change just click on the Save button at the bottom of the page. All changes will be saved.

Add Balance to User:
Click on Add Amount To User.
  • The following page will shown. At the top f the page select user first which you want to recharge.
  • Enter amount you want to recharge in the Amount field.
  • Enter some Description / Memo / Note in the Narration field.
  • Select Refill type from the below.
  • Finally press the Submit button to add Payment to user.

Transaction History of User:
Click on the User Transaction History.
Select User, Enter Start date, End Date and click FIND button.
All detail transaction history of the selected user fro the date you entered will be shown.

This are the most common basics thing need to create and maintain Level-2 reseller or User account in gPlex Switch reseller sytem.
You can read more basic VoIP Tutorial about VSR System, gPlex Switch etc from the right side of the BLOG. These will help new user's a lot.

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