Saturday, June 25, 2011

JAJAH Direct - You pay as you go...

Using JAJAH.Direct you can get a local number provided by JAJAH and can make calls directly to any mobile and land phone number in the world. You can save this number to your phone book and don’t need to never dial long distance again and again.

Just Log into your JAJAH account and go to “JAJAH.Direct Call”.
Enter the contact number of whom you want to make call and press “Get Local Number”. You will get a local number for every number you add.

To make call simply dial from your phone or mobile and start talking.

A JAJAH local number means when you dial to make call to a local number than JAJAH will directly connect you with your own international number. Now you can make call to this long distance number or any international mobile or land phone number you want and this number must be registered with JAJAH from which you want to make call.

Sign up for JAJAH Direct:
There is no such special fee to sign up for JAJAH Direct service, registration is absolutely free. After getting registered with JAJAH Direct you can make calls as usual JAJAH will give permission you to use other JAJAH services including Buttons, Mobile Web, Scheduled Calls etc. For more information’s click here.

Where to use:
This special service called JAJAH Direct currently can be used from more than 20 countries around the world with individual local number for every area. Calls can be make for more than 120 countries around the world. Click on the link for list of JAJAH Direct countries to determine if you are in a JAJAH Direct area. JAJAH authorities are regularly adding new areas and countries because this service is going to be popular day by day.

No extra fees:
There are lots of Mobile Phone operators or carries or provider offers nation wide rate plan to make calls any number in the countries at a flat rate. In this case, you need to just pay a local or flat rate or a per-minute fee for mobile use to call the JAJAH Direct number. But if you don’t have a nation wide calling rate plan than you can be charged a long distance rate to make call to number outside your area. If you’re not sure, check with your provider to see if you will pay a long distance rate to call a number outside your area code.
And there is not any maintenance fee to use JAJAH Direct unlike other VoIP Providers. The system is you pay as you go.

Some other features of JAJAH Direct:
  • You can make calls using the JAJAH Direct if you are in same country, local, state to state etc.
  • JAJAH offer same rate for every day, every time. There is no peak or off peak rate plan.
  • You can recharge your own account yourself, you can add additional funds to your account using your phone or go to Log into your account and click to “Pay Now” and follow the instructions.
  • To use JAJAH Direct service you need to unblock your called ID. To unblock your ID contact your provider because this method is different for different provider.
  • You can use Speed Dial function just like your regular mobile phone.
  • You can see all detailed call log / history. Log into your account, go to My Account and go to Call History.
  • You can safely top up account without any PCs. All transactions via PC or Mobile are strictly protected with the highest level of industry-based encryption.

Unlike Calling Card service JAJAH Direct is little bit different. Calling card service including many kind of hidden costs like connection fees, usage fees, daily fees etc. But JAJAH is not that type of service. With JAJAH Direct you pay as you go.

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