Thursday, February 7, 2013

BanglaLion USB Modem, Indoor Modem and Router

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This post is about three types of Modems provided by the 4G WiFi internet service provider in Bangladesh called BANGLALION WiMax. Considering the requirement of different types of users, at present Banglalion offers only two types of modems and another portable WiFi router.
  1. Banglalion USB Modem
  2. Banglalion Indoor Modem
  3. Banglalion Portable WiFi Router
A little about the USB Modem:

The USB Modem is a plug and play device, small in sizes, can be easily carry out anywhere and no additional power is required to use this USB Modem. Just plug the device into your PC or laptop, it will be automatically detected and installed in your PC and you are ready to go! It works almost like other USB Internet Modems in the market.

A little about the Indoor Modem:

Indoor modem is bigger in size compare to the USB modem, it has a built-in Wi-Fi Router which is robust and stable in performance. This device is ideal for office uses and for those who are extreme down-loaders !

The Right Device:
  • If you like to use your connection in different locations under Banglalion coverage area, if you like mobility and cost effective device, then the USB Modem is ideal for you.
  • The current price of the Banglalion USB modem is BDT 1,999 for postpaid and BDT 2,499 for prepaid connections.
  • If you have the requirement of using the connection in a fixed location, if you are looking for stronger / better signal and if you like to share your connection with others within your premises, then the Banglalion Indoor Modem will be the right device for you.
  • The current selling price of an  Indoor modem with built-in Wi-Fi router is BDT 7,800 for postpaid connections.
  • Prices are market dependent, so please visit the official web portal of Banglalion for latest products rate.

A little about Banglalion WiFi Portable Router:
Sharing your internet connection is now even easier with Banglalion portable WiFi router.
Device Features:
  • Maximum User: 8 simultaneous Wi-Fi connections with additional USB connectivity
  • Support: Windows, MAC, LINUX OS platforms
  • WiFi Radius: 700 sqft
  • LCD: One blue color LED with 1.5 inch LCD Monitor
  • Battery Life: 4 hours backup with one charge for continuous usage

Important Notes:
  • 15% VAT applicable 
  • Additional usage charge is Tk. 0.15/MB (VAT applicable)
  • Fair Usage Policy is applicable on King Plans
  • Available only for Post-Paid, not applicable for Pre-paid connection
For further details, Please visit the official web portal of Banglalion WiMax or call +88-011-98989898 or visit the nearest Banglalion Customer Care / Plaza in your area.

Thanks a lot for reading this post.

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