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Products and Accessories from ollo

OLLO offers various types of wireless internet network devices. Below are a little details about all the products and accessories currently offering from

For the latest information’s about any ollo's products / accessories / services / prices / packages / promotions / offers etc. please visit the web portal of OLL.COM.BD.

Ollo Products:

Dongle (AX326 Wireless USB Modem):
A smart Dongle modem at a reasonable price of BDT 2,599. Additional user ID and password are not required to connect with Ollo. Just install WCM (Wireless Connection Manager) and the internet connection will be obtained automatically. Device can be used within 200 meters from Ollo Base Station. For distance more than 200 meters away from Ollo Base Station, ollo suggests to use a cradle device in that situation.
Technical specifications:
Dimension: 76 x 25 x 11.3 mm; Weight: 18 g; USB 2.0; 1 two-color LED; Friendly user interface, it is Plug & Play; Auto Register and Connect; Compatible with Windows XP 32/64; Windows Vista 32/64; Windows 7 32/64; Mac OS etc.

* For better performance of your Dongle, it is recommended to update the latest software of Ollo Wireless CM.

Indoor (IX380 Wireless Indoor Modem):
A plug & play Indoor wireless modem to use Ollo Wireless network at your Home and Work place. This device has both Wired and WiFi connectivity. User has the freedom to choose RJ-45 cable or Wi-Fi or both to use this modem. Multiple users can use a single Indoor modem to access internet using wire or wireless. Maximum 2 users can connect with RJ-45 cable and 10 users with Wi-Fi simultaneously. Device can be used within 200 meters from Ollo Base Station. Peak down-link data rate is up-to 30Mbps and up-link data rate is up-to 6Mbps.
Technical specifications:
Dimension: 176 x 118 x 30 mm (excluding the height of antenna); Weight: 450 g; 2 LAN port, 2 RJ-11 port, Wi-Fi; 5 LED lights on Front Panel (1 Power LED, 1 Wireless Connectivity, 1 Wi-Fi, 2 RJ-11); All Windows, Mac OS, LINUX platform.

Wireless Outdoor Modem (OX350):
It's a plug & play Outdoor modem to use Ollo wireless internet at your work place and home, this device has wired connectivity. Multiple users can use a HUB/Wi-Fi AP to access internet using an outdoor modem. Device can be use within 500 meters from Ollo base station. Peak down-link data rate is up-to 30Mbps and up-link data rate is up-to 6Mbps.
Technical specifications:
Dimension: 255 x 254 x 58 mm; Weight: Less than 1Kg; LAN Only; All Windows, Mac Os, Linux platform.

WiFi Pocket Router (WIXFMM126):
WiFi Pocket Router is a truly plug & play modem to use Ollo Wireless internet network at your home and work place. It has both Wired (USB) and WiFi connectivity. You can use this device with a USB Cable to your computer or your PC's WiFi. Multiple Users can use a single Pocket Router to access internet using WiFi. Maximum 8 (eight) users can get connected through WiFi simultaneously and 1 user with USB cable. Device can be use within 200 meter from Ollo base station.
Technical specifications:
Dimension: 100mm x 60mm x 14mm; Weight: 120 gm; 1 USB 2.0 (Host less) + 8 Simultaneous WiFi Connection; 8.14WH or 2200mAh; One blue-color LED with 1.5 Inch LCD Monitor; All Windows, MAC, LINUX OS platform.

Ollo Accessories:

Cradle (SX361):
This is a remote antenna to receive better signal. This device can be use where dongle is not able to receive a good signal or if the location is in a poor coverage zone. If your residence is more than 200 meters away from Ollo base station, ollo suggests the users to use a cradle.
Technical specifications:
Dimension: 136 x 164 x 43 mm; Weight: 220 g; USB 2.0;

How to use a Cradle:
A wireless cradle includes an extended USB cable and a cradle body. An extended USB cable provides subscribers choice to use a cradle like a remote antenna. A cradle has one USB port. While a dongle is plugged into the wireless cradle, the radio ports in the dongle will connect to the inner radio ports in the cradle.

USB Extension Cable:
This USB cable will help then users of Ollo Products, to place a dongle in a better signal reception area (window / terrace) to get the best service of Wireless Internet.
Technical specifications:
Size: 1.5 m; USB 2.0.

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For latest price and more details about various Ollo Product and Accessories please visit OLLO.COM.BD. or call to +88-09611016243 or 16243.

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