Thursday, February 28, 2013

Qubee Fair Usage Policy - FUP

QUBEE’s Fair Usage Policy (FUP) is designed to safeguard the greater interest of all the QUBEE internet users, thus providing the best possible internet experience for everyone. The Fair Usage Policy is applicable for all SKY and SKY PLUS package users.

Why Fair Usage Policy?
As in most cases, a small fraction of the total consumers use an excessive amount of the network resources, which results in hampering the experience of others. Our Fair Usage Policy is here to provide the optimal internet experience to all our customers.

QUBEE Fair Usage Policy:
Under the QUBEE Fair Usage Policy, we tried to set up a limit for those excessive users, while keeping it very generous so that most of our Sky and SKY PLUS Monthly Package users will not be affected by this.

If the usage limit crosses 25GB (for 256Kbps Sky), 30GB (for 512Kbps Sky), 35GB (for 1Mbps Sky), 40GB (for 2Mbps Sky), 45GB (for 512 Sky Plus), 50GB (for 1Mbps Sky Plus) and 55GB (for 2Mbps Sky Plus) at any time of the month, QUBEE may put the user under Fair Usage Policy. This will result in experiencing speed being throttled down to 128 Kbps for the rest of the month.

Note that your speed would be updated to the normal speed at the start of your next billing period if you comply with the above policy.

If a subscriber regularly violates our FUP, QUBEE reserves the right to restrict further, deactivate or even terminate the said connection. Termination will be initiated after notifying the subscriber through due course.

Subscribers are reminded that the download of illegal content which QUBEE discourages, which is an infringement of copyright and/or intellectual property rights and rightful owners of such copyright and/or intellectual property rights may take measures to prosecute.

QUBEE reserves the right to inquire/investigate suspected or potential abuse of its Fair Usage Policy. Each individual download can be traced by the subscriber’s IP address back to the subscriber’s account with QUBEE.

This Fair Usage Policy is applicable to all existing and future plans offered by QUBEE unless specifically withdrawn at the discretion of QUBEE. QUBEE reserves the right to change this policy in future at their discretion.

This is the QUBEE FUP version, published on 23rd January 2013 on the official web portal of Qubee. Please, keep your eyes on their portal for any upcoming update or change of their Fair Usage Policy or FUP.

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