Friday, April 5, 2013

Banglalink GPRS Internet Packages

Various Banglalink internet packages (GPRS):
You can use Banglalink Internet in your prepaid, postpaid and using your call control connection too. With banglalink GPRS, you can send and receive e-mails and browse the internet or download contents using your handset or PC.

Please look at the below screenshot to see the current Internet Packages from Banglalink:

Important note: all items are subject to 15% vat in addition to the above mentioned charges.

How to purchase packages:
By dialing *500# from your Banglalink SIM activated handset internet menu, a subscriber can choose from different packs or he/she can dial directly to place request for a specific pack as follows:

Alternatively, user can request by typing pack id (p2 or p6 or p10) and sending SMS to 3343.
Whichever way the subscriber places the request, he/she will receive a reply SMS from 3343.
Pre-paid and call and control subscribers will have to follow the instruction to confirm the purchase of desired pack.

Internet balance check and un-subscription. Pre-paid and call and control subscribers can dial following:

  • balance check: *222@3#
  • un-subscription: *222*2#

Services and Features of Banglalink GPRS:
WAP / Internet browsing:

Browsing using Handset: 
With the GPRS, you’ll be able to browse the internet using your GPRS enabled handset. Most websites available in the internet can be accessed through a GPRS enabled handsets.

Browsing through Laptop / personal computer:
You will also be allowed to use the GPRS enabled handset as a modem and log in to the internet using a pc or a laptop. Standard connectivity tools like Data cable, Infrared, Bluetooth, as well as driver software is required for laptop /pc browsing.

PCMCIA / USB connect card:
Standard PCMCIA or USB connect cards can be connected to the PC / Laptop for browsing the internet. Handset is not required, only the SIM card needs to be inserted inside the connect card for internet browsing.

GPRS Settings:
See the below screenshot for GPRS setting for WAP, MMS, Internet etc.

Thats all for today in this post. To know further details about Banglalink Internet Settings and Packages please visit the web portal of BANGLALINK GSM.


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