Friday, February 25, 2011

VSR (VoIP Switch Reseller) - Level Basics

I have got few mail from some of my readers. They requests me to write some post about various Reseller System, Rate/tariff creation, Level-1, 2, 3 creation etc...

This post is specially for new VoIP users, who want to start their business with Reseller Level-3, Level-2, Level-1 etc. And this kind of posting will continue regularly in this blog. In this post I am going to discuss about the VSR System (VoIP Switch Reseller System) Level-3 / Level-2 Basics.

Before start discussing all you must know the basic requirements for VSR Level-3 / 2 /1:
  • A PC (Personal Computer) with internet connection
  • You can use a Smart mobile Handset as an alternate of PC with internet connections.
  • VSR Login Address (provider by Switch owner or from where you got the reseller)
  • User Name and Password.
VSR Login:
Open Internet Explorer (IE), Mozilla Firefox, Opera or any other supported browser. Type the provided VSR IP Address or reseller link on the address bar and press ENTER. You will see a window containing Login and Password field and two Button (OK and Reset). See the picture below.

Just type your Login and Password correctly and Press OK. You will enter your reseller Homepage.

VSR Reseller Homepage:
After successful logged in you will see the Homepage of your reseller.
  • At the top middle of the page you will see your reseller Login name, Clients Limit, Call Limit. The calls limit is actually your Balance.
  • At the top left side four link: Homepage, Logout, About and Reseller Settings
  • Now take a look at the middle section of your VSR reseller homepage. You can show tariff and add new tariff by clicking on the Show and Add tariff link.
  • Than Click on the Report link to see the reports of reseller daily costs, minutes etc. You can customize your report and can see date wise, weekly or monthly.
  • On the Show / Add section below Reseller: you can show current reseller and add new reseller. Just click on this link and follow the instructions.
  • Click on Payment History link to see your detail payment history of your VSR reseller.
  • Click on the Stats link to see the current stats of your various type of Clients like GK Register Clients, PC2Phone Clients, Common Clients etc.
  • At the left side there are some other link like: Active calls, Reseller reports, Resellers etc.
  • By clicking on Active Calls you can see your VSR reseller current calls.
  • Click on the Base Tariff link to see your current Base Tariff. You will see all destinations provider by your reseller provider. Per minute rate of each destination.
  • Click on the picture below to enlarge. The screen shot is of a VSR level-3 reseller account.

Change Password:
For every new user it is an important task to change the Password first. At the top right side click on Reseller Settings. Enter your current password in the Old Password field. And enter your New Password twice on the next two fields. Than click on Change. You will get your new Password.
Now Logout from your reseller homepage and Login again to your VSR reseller account with your new Password .

Click on the above picture to make it enlarge.

Click on the below link to know more about VSR System:


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