Thursday, March 3, 2011

Creating PC2Phone Clients using VSR System

This post is about how to create PC to Phone Clients / PIN using VSR System (VoIP Switch Reseller System). Direct PIN / Clients can be created in Level-1 reseller. If you already know how to create reseller level-2 and level-1 than its good. Otherwise you can take a look at my previous post. I think these posts will help every new user a lot.
Basics about VSR System
How to create Reseller in VSR System

Homepage of Level-1 reseller:

Click the following screen shot to enlarge. After logged in using level-1 user and password you will see the following screen.

If you want to create a single PC2Phone PIN / Clients just click on the Add link below PC2Phone Client. A screen will appear.
To see already generated PIN or after creating PIN, just click on Show link.

Similarly if you want to create single GK/Register clients which can be used in Mobile Dialer version. Just click on the Add link below GK/Register Clients.
If you want to see existing clients just click on the Show link.

Now if you want to create multiple PIN (PC2Phone or GK Register Clients) than click on Add Lot link below "Account Generation".

You can create 50 / 100 or more PIN at the same time. Click on the following screen shot to enlarge, it will be more helpful.

Creat Single PC2Phone Client:
After clicking on the Add Pc2Phone clients the following screen will appear. Here you will see some fields. You need to filled up these fields.
In the Login field, type a number or character or both (This will be PIN login/user).
In the Password field type your PIN password.
Select Tariff (you can create new tariff or use your base tariff).
Select the Active Check Box to activate the PIN.
Finally click OK button.

How to Add Lot:
You can generate multiple PIN / Clients using this method. At time you can generate 50 / 100 or more nos of PIN.
Go to the reseller Homepage. Click on Add Lot link below "Account Generation". The following page will appear. See the below screen shot for more details.
Fill up the required fields.
Write description of the Lot. Enter total number of clients (how many PIN you want to generate). Enter starting serial (usually 1). Select PC2Phone Clients. Select your tariff. Enter amount (the provided amount will same for every PIN).
Now enter login details (starting character, total number of character etc.). Select the appropriate check boxes if needed.
Enter Password details (starting characters, total number of clients etc).
In the connection settings option select SIP or H323.
After completing all the required fields just simply click on OK button at the bottom of the page. your desired number of PIN's will be generated. Now activate all the PINs by clicking on Activate button or you can activate single PIN individually by clicking on the PIN's Login name.


How to recharge and activate PIN:
Go to your reseller Homepage. Click on the Show link below PC2Phone client. You will see all generated PIN / Clients. See the below Picture, here only one PIN is shown because there is only one generated PIN.
Now click on the Login name of the PIN. you will see all details about the PIN.
Click on the red color Add Payment button to add balance on the selected PIN. Remember if you already added amount during PIN  or Lot generation than you don't need to add any initial payment. You will see a Active check box, by clicking on this box you can activate or inactive the PIN.

These are the most common basics to create Pc2Phone clients / PIN in VSR System. If you have any question related that topic feel free to mail us:


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