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Various Packages and Promotions from OLLO

If you are looking for a better internet solution with cutting edge technology, at an affordable Ollo won’t bad for you! Ollo offers a vast range of products with attractive pricing that caters to your daily needs. Each of our products is high in performance with value for money proposition. You will get some free usage according to following table. Choose your best one and keep the fun shining with Ollo.

Look at the screenshots bellow (click to enlarge) for various Offers, Packages and Promotions from OLLO.COM.BD. Please, visit the web portal of OLLO for any kind of latest update.


** Free data is available @ 512 Kbps speed.
** If your bandwidth expires before the validity period, you can still get connected to the network with reduced speed of 64 kbps, until 7 days validity expires. To avail this benefit, you need to top-up within 5-days after validity expiration of your current plan.

There are some conditions which are need to apply ! Take a look below:

Great Value Packages from Ollo:
  • Packages include devices and free bandwidth, validity for 7 days from the date of activation.
  • Decide what device you need and how much usage limit you need. Visit your nearest sales points of OLLO and you are ready to go for the terrible internet experiences.
  • When your free period expires, you will need to Top-Up your volume to stay connected to the ollo network. If your free volume is not used during the validity period, it will expire and WILL NOT be carried over to the next month.
Revolutionary Top Up Plans:
  • For those users of who has already hooked up the hardware, when your free usage expires, visit ollo’s Top-Up points and choose from a large selection of Top-Up Plans.
  • No Fair usage policy is applied.
  • When the bandwidth validity period expires, you need to Top-Up with a top up plan to stay connected to our network. Each top up plan has a validity of 30 days.
  • If your bandwidth expires before the validity ends, you need to top-up again, if you don't have time. You can stay connected to the network, however, speed will be reduced to 64 kbps until your 30 days validity expires. To get this facility, you need to top up your account within 5 days of your previous plan expiration.
  • You can always Top Up in advance.
  • If you Top-Up while your current top up is active, your new top up bandwidth will be activated when your current Top Up validity period is completed (after 30 days) or when you consume your current bandwidth.
  • If you want to migrate from one plan to another plan, the same rule will apply. The new speed will not be active until the current speed plan is consumed or expires.
  • If your free volume is not used during the validity period, it will expire and WILL NOT be carried over to the next month.
Important Notes:
Refunds will only be given from the location of purchase within 14 calendar days of your purchase date. Any physically damage of any product will not consider for refund.


Come home join the fun stay happy!
Now reactive your ollo connection and get up to 30% bonus based upon on your last top-up. Find below table to choose your top-up bonus.

Important Notes:
  • You are only eligible for this offer if you haven't made any top-up from 6th Feb to 7th April' 2013.
  • You can only avail the bonus on the first top-up of the above mentioned amounts.
  • Data validity including bonus is 30 days. There is no additional validity for the bonus data.
For more details please visit OLLO.COM.BD or Contact ollo’s Call Center to +88-09611016243 or 16243.


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