Friday, August 2, 2013

HD Voice and Video Quality calls using iCall

Using iCall you can make and receive phone calls (free) through your handheld mobile device or computer. You can also make high-definition video calls, can send instant messages to your friends, conduct conference calls, share files and screens and more. The iCall 7 for the Desktop, iCall Mobile for the iPhone, iPod, iPad and iCall for the Web are all free to use to make a call to US and Canada but there is a limit, which is 5 minute length. Users can remove the limit using a paid account.

Uisng iCall:

  • You can call back an unlimited number of times.
  • To remove the advertisements, you can upgrade an existing free account to a Total Access account type which will provide unlimited calling to the US and Canada without any advertisements.
  • iCall mobile uses either your device's data plan or WiFi and will show as data usage, just like as if you were browsing the internet or streaming video.
  • Currently, supported platforms for iCall: Windows, OSX, Ubuntu, Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
  • iCall works over 3G and 4G connections. The connection quality and speed may vary depending on your signal strength and location.
  • You can call any regular phone line / phone number using iCall Mobile.
  • You can make International Phone Call using iCall. Please see under the Price menu for on the web portal for international calling rates. You will need to add funds to your account first, and ensure you dial with the format of 011 + the country code + the number you would like to dial.
  • With iCall, you can receive phone calls for free with the provided available Access Numbers coupled with your extension or with a paid account using a personal number you can be reached by your own 10 digit US personal number.
  • With the provided Access Number, you can receive calls from other people. These numbers are shared among the free users of iCall and require you to provide the extension of the person you would like to reach.

Features of iCall:
Some special features of iCall provided at their web portal are given here below, for further details you are requested to visit the official web portal of iCall.

HD Voice Calling:
Make and receive free phone calls on your mobile devices or computer. With the HD audio quality, you'll never think about using a regular phone line again.

HD Video Calling:
iCall will give you a superior and advanced HD quality video calling experience, so you can be there when it matters most.

Instant Messaging:
iCall lets you communicate through all Instant Messaging services for free.

Collaboration / Conference Call:
Using iCall you can arrange a virtual Conference with your friends or colleagues, interact through HD video, and share documents and screens.

iCall Voice:
Customize calling preferences, route calls, and set up awesome features, like voice-mail transcriptions, all for free.

More Cool Features:
Check out some of the other cool features from iCall that you won't want to miss. Visit the website for details.

This is a review post of the iCall Service.


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