Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Lingo - Home VoIP Phone Service

Unlimited international calling is virtually unheard of among VoIP services, which gives Lingo particular distinction. Its World Unlimited plans include unlimited calling across the U.S. and 45 countries. The service’s more basic plan is its World Select, which offers unlimited calls within Canada and the U.S. and 1,000 minutes to more than 65 countries.

These features include voicemail, call waiting, speed dial and call blocking. The VoIP service also includes Enhanced 911, or e911. When you dial 911, the service automatically transmits your location, name and address to the dispatcher in the event you are disconnected or unable to relay that information yourself. A few of the features the service lacks include call transfer and Find Me, a feature that would automatically forward incoming calls to a different line if the previous one went unanswered.

Based on the info provided on the official web portal of Lingo the Features include:
  • Caller ID with Name
  • Three-Way Calling
  • Speed Dial
  • Call Forwarding
  • Simultaneous Ring
  • Calling Waiting
  • Call Return (*69)
  • Call from your Computer
  • Directory Assistance
  • Caller ID Block (*67)
  • Anonymous Call Rejection (ACR)
  • Do Not Disturb (*78)
  • Last Number Redial (*66)
  • Enhanced 911 Service
  • Emergency Calling Service
  • Easy 911 Dialing
  • My Account Portal
  • Payment Information
  • Recent Activity
  • New Phone Numbers & Lines
  • Manage Calling Features

How Lingo Works:
Lingo provides phone service over the Internet using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), so you can get:
  • Clear, reliable calls through your broadband connection - for less than traditional providers.
  • Call any friend or family – all they need is a phone. Its convenience because your computer doesn't need to be on to use Lingo.

Setting up Lingo is Easy:
In just few simple steps, you'll be making and receiving calls:
  • Lingo adaptor – Connect the adaptor to your high-speed Internet and connect your phone to the adaptor.
  • That's it, and you're on your way to making and receiving calls!

Lingo Fits Your Life:
Lingo uses the Web to provide you superior phone service, but it does not affect how you use your phone or Internet.
  • Browse the web, stream music, send emails - Lingo does not change anything you do online.
  • Use your phone as usual - Pick it up, dial and connect with your important circle.

Lingo on your Mobile:
Unlimited calls from your cell phone using Lingo, A revolutionary calling plan for your mobile phone! What is and how does Lingo Mobile Work? Lingo Mobile is a service that allows you to receive amazing savings on international calls from your existing cell phone. Using Lingo Mobile is simple!

Sign up for Lingo Mobile service.
Your account will be activated the same day and you will receive an email with instructions on how to use the service.
  • You dial the Lingo Mobile access number and then the international number. Your call is then routed through Lingo, and you’ll save on all your international calls.
  • Have a Blackberry® or AndroidTM phone?
  • Download and install the Lingo Mobile App to make international calling even easier – all you have to do is dial the international number

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